Patriot issues epic warning to Antifa… We tried to warn you, militias are coming!

‘Wait until every last one of you gets put down…’

‘We tried to warn you…’

‘True patriots will stand up, and when they do, you will go down…’

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16 thoughts on “Patriot issues epic warning to Antifa… We tried to warn you, militias are coming!

  1. Real patriots? Huh.
    Paying the criminal cartel. Voting in a fraudulent cabals election. Using fed notes. Supporting wars.
    What patriots?

    1. What patriots? I’ll tell you. The ones not hiding behind coward bullshit like your statement. The ones who are tired of watching commies destroy and murder America while a lot of people criticize them for thinking different or having a different opinion then spouting how much they’re for “rights”. The ones tired of hearing that this and that is all a hoax etc. The burnings are real, the riots are real, the murders are real, the communist takeover is real. If you and anyone else who aren’t going to do anything are gonna just sit back and wait for it to come to your door, go ahead.but I have a very strong feeling thats all bullshit and that most will do absolutely nothing. Yes I hate trump, the federal government etc, but I love my nation and hate commie Street scum who will do the deeds even more. Sit back and watch as your American people are violated and subjugated. One day you’ll praise the efforts of thise patriots who know it is time to act and not just give lip service. I don’t care who this offends or pisses off. So be it. Time will tell who it was that answered the call. The militias that are organizing (and taking action) those are the patriots.

      1. The issue is not who will fight but why will we fight.
        I will not fight for the reinstatement of the same sons of bitches that removed the common law courts and my rights, to rule over me once again. Anyone choosing a side other than the Bill of Rights is fighting for corporate communism/capitalism or communism. It is our duty to fight these communist bastards and they are a united force, both the corporate communists and the marxists.
        The kid who came out in the street in Kenosha, tell me, what was he fighting for? Because without that Bill of Rights, freedom, and liberty, he can only be fighting to choose which oppressor will put the jackboot on his neck.
        They are all communists and if we the people are violated and subjugated it is because we have failed to enforce our law on both factions that pretend to hate each other but will come to one another’s rescue any time a true patriot acts righteously to enforce the law. The marxists are allowed to run wild until the people, of their own accord, step up and put them down, then here comes the calvary, the corporate communists.
        Unless you are fighting exclusively for that Bill of Rights, you are only fighting to determine who will rule you in your subjugation.
        Where are the people’s unregulated militias carrying the flag of the Bill of Rights?
        Well they are standing back and waiting. They are that silent majority. You can’t help either the corporate communists or the marxists without betraying the law, because the law doesn’t allow for either group to be there. And both the corporate communists and the marxists have done everything they can to bury the people’s superior law and stay within the administrative admiralty.
        There is only one flag I will fight under and it is that Bill of Rights flag that I am looking at right now, hanging on my wall.
        If a communist killed a communist, this is a good thing, as both sides intend to subjugate and enslave me. Those who want the true patriots behind them need only to start marching under that Bill of Rights flag. On this I will not give an inch. I fight subjugation. I fight to be free and at liberty. I don’t care who likes it or does not because I know my people are the masses and in the end will destroy all that oppose us.
        Liberty or death, this isn’t a war to decide who our subjugators will be. Either get on the goddamn page with those ten articles on it or join one of the communist sides and get to killing each other. We cannot bend on this issue. It is the Bill of Rights or f-k it, let it burn, as life in bondage is not worth living.

        1. What I will be fighting for is the right, life, property and liberty of me, my children and every American regardless their political opinions. We talk about the bill of rights, well the 2nd amendment says “a well regulated militia”. I understand the point of the unregulated militia but there is a need to organize and have an order. How many times has the point been made that the words well regulated in the 2nd article doesn’t mean government regulating but a well operating, organized, equipped and functioning militia of the people? My thoughts and opinions on this may not be popular but I stand firm on them and believe that it is time for Americans of every type to stand. Some have already given their lives and put the lives and property and liberty of themselves and their families and friends on the line to stand against this criminal takeover that has gone on far too long. As for what this kid fought for, he and his group stated clearly that they fought to defend property and lives. I dont have to be pro government or cop to be pissed about what I see happening to this country and stand to fight it with allies from sometimes the most unlikely of people. Namely trump supporters and their kind. Again, i know my opinions on this are not going to be taken well by everyone but I stand by them. I’ve heard many times also the criticism of capitalism. Why? What system would replace capitalism which is the private ownership of goods, services and the means of production and distribution? I’m sorry but I happen to be for such an economic system. I hope my sentiments even if not agreed with or popular don’t cause trouble. That is not my intent. But I am at the point I have to let it out and stand on them. I hope we of all different religions, races, opinions and views can come together for our bill of rights. I can’t say that it has to only be how I see things or want things that are legitimate or I can’t say I believe in peoples rights, which I do. Its this very belief that brought me to this site in the first place. I hope what I’m saying is conveyed clearly and that all understand. But it is time to act.

          1. To begin with, it was capitalism that replaced the free enterprise system and a debt free currency.
            You would join with the Trumptards? Then you are joining with Tories, supporting a criminal occupation of my country.
            Each time you speak of liberty you throw in property. Do you put the protection of your property above the reinstatement of my liberty?
            Thus far, the communists,, have failed to bring the masses into their ranks to destroy that which they cannot control.
            You join with the f-king Trumpers and I will see you on the battlefield, as they are as much communists as the f-king Marxists and I will put my liberty above my life.
            No one owns any property in this country unless they are among the international ruling elite.
            May your chains sit lightly upon you and posterity forget you were ever one of us.
            I’m not going to pick a communist side. If you feel something has to be done, raise that Bill of Rights flag and charge into it, but until this fight is to enforce the absolute ratified law and jurisdictional authority of we the people, I have no f-king interest it. I have no property to protect as I have been denied the right to own property pretty much all of my life because I refuse to acquiesce to one faction or the other.
            People like you had better do some f-king counting. The mass majority out here have never participated in this f-king criminal fraud that you say you will now join, because it is better than the other side of the criminal fraud.
            I know not what course others will take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death. And you cannot imagine our numbers. So far the corporate communist capitalists have taken a beating in the streets and as they are agents of an unlawful corporate aristocracy, I say, f-k em. If the communists of either ilk want to get off of main street and come to our houses to fight us, well, they are not going to do that.
            I know a lot of people in Portland and Seattle and those that live just a block away do not even see this shit going on. This is to coax the ignorant into being one ilk of communist or another and for those of us who have never acquiesced to either to kill each other so that the international communist Zionism can be achieved.
            No f-king way. You just give it a go. Join with your international communist brethren Trump and see what it looks like from that side when the masses step into the fight. We are going to enforce the f-king law and all that stand in our way can try to explain themselves to a common law court before they are tried and hanged. The numbers in the street are pathetic and people are growing bored with them. The fight will come to we the people soon enough. We will see who is left standing when the smoke clears and who is left hanging from a lamp post.

  2. Henry, I never said I would JOIN the trump crowd. I said they may be allies against hardcore leftist commies. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. I know many of them, and aside from their ignorance of trump as a Zionist puppet, not all of them are bad people. Some are actually very good and patriotic. I don’t knkw how many people are in the streets in Portland but I’ve seen here in NewYork, thousands upon thousands committing these crimes. Why I speak of property? Because what a person works for is their property. The business they create is their property, the home they have is their property. If the argument that its not really theirs because of taxes and other forms of theft is made well i say those that impose those violations should also be fought. They are the very people allowing the commie horde to do what they are. But i don’t see anyone doing anything about that either. Free enterprise a d laissez faire is capitalism, not corporatism. We can speak of freedom and liberty all we want, but show me having that without property rights and the defense of it. Again, I know my opinions are not popular here. Granted. But they are what they are and I know where I stand. I really hope Henry, that if the battlefield ever brings us together it will be in the cause of our rights and independence. Take care.

    1. The 14th Amendment states in part:
      All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.
      Subject is defined as:
      One that is placed under authority or control: such as
      (1) : one subject to a monarch and governed by the monarch’s law
      (2) : one who lives in the territory of, enjoys the protection of, and owes allegiance to a sovereign power or state
      Owing obedience or allegiance to the power or dominion of another
      a : to bring under control or dominion : subjugate
      b : to make (someone, such as oneself) amenable to the discipline and control of a superior

      Brother, the unlawful corporate United States has declared you their property. That means you do not own property, you cannot own property. They own you and everything you possess.
      The trumptards are not fighting to remove the unlawful corporate charter and will never do so because their deeds, their leases, and all that which they call their property depends on the fraud that every document written since the corporation was unlawfully chartered, depends upon. They do not want the Bill of Rights enforced as the absolute law that it is as they have acquiesced to the Masonic lodges and cliques and collectives that frame their existence within the tyranny. And they don’t give a monk’s f-k about the mass majority whose rights they have sold out for the pretense of being at a higher social standing as subjects.
      You can own nothing, not the clothes on your back, not yourself, not your own mind until the corporation, the 14th Amendment, and every other violation of our ratified law is removed. You do not have the status to own anything, as the sovereign unlawful corporate aristocracy owns you and everything that you think you own.
      This is the way it will be and this is what the trumptards will fight for. Don’t forget, Trump is an international communist with 5 trademarks in China where only an international communist can hold a trademark.
      It is not the enemy of your enemy. They are both the enemy of liberty and freedom and the sovereign right to own property within the common law with the common law jury being the only apparatus that can remove that property, and that would have to occur through an individual filing in a private capacity with every clause of the procedural due process within our law having been met.
      They can stop you on the side of the road and empty your f-king pockets without cause and by that 14th Amendment that these trumptards will cling to within the arbitrary and capricious administrative admiralty, there is no law to prevent them from doing so.
      The very existence of these international capitalists is in harmony with the international communists.
      The constitution was corrupted from day one and December 15, 1791, the people’s authority was asserted, declaring the people’s jurisdictional rights and authorities as the supreme law of this land.
      Are you going to be the first to be lulled into one of those two communist camps that Guy Carr told us would be created to get us to kill one another?
      Somebody might talk like a patriot but if they cannot understand that that Trump mother f-ker they see as their savior, you know the King of the Jews, is here to deliver the coup de gras with their ignorance and stupidity, then they are not worth the powder it would take to blow their brains out. I guess that is what the hammers are for.
      The communists, both corporate and Marxist, are not enemies to anyone except for the individual free sovereign national for the united states of the Americas. Their numbers are nothing, that is why they are already talking about bringing UN troops in here when the bulk of the population who do not participate in any of the occupation’s politics, have even engaged for the first time.
      The enemy of your enemy is not your friend, he is just trying to coax you into being the enemy of his enemy, which is just another communist like he is. He is trying to get you to get into one of those camps to get you to shoot at me when I shoot at him because he is a f-king communist.
      I will not have my natural rights and jurisdictional authorities removed by anyone claiming righteousness through ignorance. Anyone who fights for this unlawful occupation in any form is a goddamn traitor and they will feel the wrath of the free man defending his liberty, his home, and his hearth.
      And that capitalism you keep trying to defend is Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and the rest of the corporate aristocracy that is trying to inflict death and pain, using the capitalist system which allows money to decide that the robber barons as unelected un-governmental entities can control the sovereign free national through the application of mammon. This is not a capitalist country. It was meant to be a Republic with an emphasis on the rights of the individual, which could never be trumped by accumulation of wealth as the people’s individual jurisdictional authority, if enforced, would have already hung the aforementioned oligarchs/capitalists for treason and sedition and attempted overthrow of the people’s absolute individual jurisdictional authority as guaranteed in the law, ratified in 1791. Either you are for that law 100% or you are not, and if you acquiesce to any exception you remove the power of the law because the power of the law lies in the fact that it is absolute and there is no exception.

      1. The 14th amendment can say what it wants. I’m aware of the con in the constitution but criminals writing something into “law” doesn’t make it valid. Any law that goes against our natural God given rights is null and void and that is what I will fight for and that includes what I obtain and earn as my property. The common law many speak of, how will it be applied when this criminal government will never allow it? If we know that even our votes don’t matter, why would we think they would respect our common law? How else can it be achieved but by action? No system is perfect and capitalism has its flaws. The difference between capitalism and communism/socialism is capitalism has flaws while the other is evil by design. Anything we have we will have to fight for. That is the reason the 2nd article is an absolute right. And I have to be realistic and realize that while we have the same rights, we will not always be of the same mind on all subjects with all people and to keep peace and civility we have to understand that and respect it. I know the trump is a criminal, what I said is many of his supporters are good people. Ignorant but good nonetheless and I have to respect their right. So what I fight for regardless of whats written is what I am inherently born with and a right to property is one of my rights. Peace brother. I hope you understand.

        1. Ignorance of the law is no excuse and they have no right to break the absolute law ratified in 1791.
          I too talk to these people, some which I have known all my life, some of which I have loved as brothers, and I tell them straight up, you join with those f-king trumpers in trying to preserve the status quo and in support of their communist agenda and I will pull the f-king lever that puts you through the trap door.
          Ignorance is not an excuse at this point in the ball game. What they claim not to know is what they refuse to acknowledge.
          I’m sure you have worked hard for the things you have, but by the 14th Amendment you are subject to a sovereign that owns you and your property via an unlawful dictate.
          If these trumpers violate the law they will f-king hang.
          You talk about thousands in the streets, I’m talking about millions who have been abused that have never participated in the occupation’s unlawful political system.
          These trumptards can keep pretending they are a force to be reckoned with, but once this shit breaks loose; they will be wiped out so fast it will make their heads swim.
          A rifle is behind every blade of grass and one of those who do not make up that 12-18% of communist traitors is on the trigger.
          It is going to be the people’s law and the people’s authority, if we have to rip this country down and build it back again. If these people have excuses that you are accepting as okay because they come from ignorance, we will see how okay they are in front of a common law jury, if they survive the battlefield.
          Absolute is absolute and we all have to be on that same page fighting for the same thing because, goddamn it, you say you want to protect what is yours, others say they want to protect their right to worship, others want to be free to speak, mostly people just want to be left alone. Well that is what that single piece of paper guarantees and those who will not step up to defend it are those who do not want it.
          I’m tired of the game of talking about the thousands of agitators on the streets. Once the final line is crossed, the true lovers of liberty will unleash a hundred years of anger and there will be nothing that can stop us. It will be a slaughter of every son of a bitch that has failed in their duty to support and embrace that single piece of paper with the ratified law that belongs to each and every one of us equally.
          As far as disagreements, well I think it takes care of those too, doesn’t it?
          As for that goddamn capitalism, it cannot be defended as when our law is reinstated, those who have prospered by cooperating with this occupation are going to be stripped of everything they have before they are tried and hanged.
          You consider your possessions you have worked hard for. You better start considering all the people out here, the hoards, the multitudes, that have been kept from achieving their potential by the secret societies, the unlawful corporate United States, and the teeny teeny tiny handful that have backed it and committed treason and sedition in doing so.
          There is no wiggle room.
          Zero tolerance to violations of the absolute law.
          And like I said, I do not give a f-k what anybody else says or what kind of numbers they claim to have, when the dispossessed of this country uprise, all those who oppose and have worked against our liberty are going to shit themselves as they try to escape to nowhere because there will be no escape from our wrath as we are everywhere, and our numbers are legion.
          Tell the trumptards Henry Shivley said hello and that they will soon, if they survive the onslaught, be facing someone just like me in a common law court in front of a common law jury and will have their asses hung and it will be done with utter ease because this isn’t rocket science. The law was written for a 3rd grader to understand, and again, if they can’t get it it is because they have ulterior motives and don’t want to. They will follow the absolute law absolutely or die.

          1. Henry, im really not sure anymore what it is we disagree on because your words mirror my sentiments. I want to make clear again, I’m not supporting trump, the police, government etc. Im supporting the rights of the American people. The same as you. We may have certain things we want differently but yes I agree with the absolute law that is the bill of rights. I’m just of the mind that it must be defended and its up to us to do so. That’s why I responded to the what patriots comment. Like you said we all want different things, some to keep their property some to worship. Whatever it is for each person I don’t care. To each his own. My beef is with the commie scum who’s purpose is to destroy that and take it away from us. Whether they be in the streets or in the highest of offices. I keep in mind the examples of russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Palestine where millions upon millions were massacred and others sat by and did nothing. So in conclusion my mind is that there is no time for apathy anymore.

          2. Jamal, I understand your frustration. The fact is this uprising should have occurred many generations ago, but we are at the point of the end game and the trumptards and the Marxists are putting on this program to try to make this ongoing war about anything but the enforcement of the absolute law of we the people and the fact that we are, as individuals, the highest authority in this land.
            These groups of thousands have been organized by the corporate communists and the international Zionists and there have been people foolish enough or greedy enough to take the bait. But it is blatantly obvious that those who are adhering to capitalism/corporate communism and Marxism are insignificant in number.
            They are not fighting a straight up war. They are committing acts designed to turn us against one another.
            With the Bill of Rights, everything just and right that anyone wants is protected. We have the law on our side and to enforce that law the United States Corporation, the 14th Amendment, the state corporations, the county corporations, and the municipal corporations have to be removed as they are the violation of the superior ratified law that stands between the American national and liberty and freedom.
            There are no side issues. Justice under our law is the equal right we guarantee to one another.
            At this point there is no Republic and the Bill of Rights is the only law in existence. We have no choice but to enforce that law and our enemies know it.
            They will continue to push until that spark ignites a firecane and the destruction is going to be unbelievable. It is not something we ever wanted, but it is the only way to put an end to this communist attempt to overthrow our Bill of Rights and make us slaves to a one world government.
            We have the law. We have the paper in our hand and to vary from it in any degree diminishes our power. There are those out there who do not want the unlawful corporation removed because, hey, they are doing okay.
            The mass majority out here are not doing okay and in the past ten years we have armed ourselves to the teeth so that we would not be reliant upon the trumptards for guns and ammunition and thus fall under their control and end up fighting yet another war so that they could rule over us.
            It is the Bill of Rights and the Bill of Rights only, because until we reestablish our status as free nationals, we do not have the authority to do anything without asking permission from the criminal oppressors.
            I am not subjugated. I will never be subjugated, and I recognize no law and no authority accept that contained in the ratified Bill of Rights as it is the only law there is.
            Let them play their game and yes, we will sit back, but when we do come at the enemy the Bill of Rights will be our battle flag and no other.
            I should not have to argue like this about the greatest gift mankind has ever bestowed upon himself. The Bill of Rights should naturally be embraced by all, yet there are those calling themselves patriots that wish it had never been. They are not patriots, they are self-serving traitors who want privileges and immunities for themselves and power and control over the rest of us. Their arrogance is going to lead them straight to the gallows.
            Now I take it our guns will be pointed in the same direction and that is at anyone who openly defies our jurisdictional authority and our law.
            Peace, brother.

  3. I personally feel this was a conversation that needed to be had, and I mean urgently. I say this because I see all the crumbs thrown out from the Trump camp, all polished in shining gold and feigning liberty. The dangling carrot of dangling carrots. And hands reach up for it not knowing the poison it contains.

    It is not an easy thing you do Henry, to tackle this illusion and lay bare the false promise the Trump camp is delivering. And you make clear that we must transcend the two sides, for both are the path to communist hell.


    “Anyone choosing a side other than the Bill of Rights is fighting for corporate communism/capitalism or communism.”

    “Unless you are fighting exclusively for that Bill of Rights, you are only fighting to determine who will rule you in your subjugation.”

    “Those who want the true patriots behind them need only to start marching under that Bill of Rights flag.”

    “…life in bondage is not worth living.”

    There it is, spelled out: the formula. Let it go far and wide. There is no concession.

    Thank you, Henry! I bet the forefathers went ’round like this, too; strong minds hashin’ it out. But what prevailed was the pearl, the great 10, wherein no one rules over anyone else. There will certainly be more debates to come as we challenge and learn from each other. I welcome it, even when I sometimes have to eat crow.


  4. Lead poisoning is the cure

    It’s either that or rope

    We as a people have been very lax in keeping our Republic clean

    Waiting for some politico to straighten this out is why we’re so deep in shit

    It’s We the People and our Law the BOR
    And our right to eradicate any player subjugating any part of that

    We have been very lazy as a population
    Hoping someone or something would correct this atrocity
    No ones coming , not for the right reasons
    We all better grab the bull by the horns soon
    Or we’re going to miss the opportunity

    I learn more and more
    Reading the works of Henry

    I am not perfect , may even say things through a misunderstanding of my own
    But as far as going further down this road of subjugation, I’m done

    They really should be afraid of boot tipping any of us ( a term for fighting this out face to face )

    Lead IS going to fly
    Just how much, and who will stand in the vacuum will be a problem if it is not our ratified law

    Give me liberty
    Or give me death

  5. “Now I take it our guns will be pointed in the same direction and that is at anyone who openly defies our jurisdictional authority and our law”

    Of this you can be sure. Peace to you as well my brother

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