12 thoughts on “Payback’s a bitch

  1. I heard recently that he shut down all the phone numbers and is doing the same with the emails
    The address isn’t going to be that easy
    Although he can run and hide with his pedo buddies I’m sure

    One has to ask themselves
    What’s triggered people like him to come out and act this way ?
    I say pressure
    And the fact they know their lies are being exposed and their criminality is also being exposed

    1. Triggered Pedo

      Don’t EVER threaten a persons kids

      I give no shits about a persons political leanings but when it fuels their fire to go after someone’s kid(s)
      Someone better tie me the F down
      ‘Cause I’ll bust their dam lip over it

  2. Gee another actor I have to add to my boycott list (George Clooney, who starred in some of my fave movies, is at the top of this list, which is getting very very long… and Robert DeNiro is second….who’s on third?

    Answer: Nope. Who’s on first!) 😉

  3. I’m not a fan of doxxing as a political tool, or for any other reason, but this couldn’t have happened to a nastier guy. Peter Fonda’s recent antics have achieved the near-impossible: he’s made his sister, and Michael Moore, look like decent people by comparison.

  4. hey peters why don”t you come up to Idaho the bears would love to hug you, I could even set up a meeting for you [PUNK]

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