12 thoughts on “Pelosi Suddenly Anti-Distraction From Economy: ‘American People Want Us To Talk About Jobs,” Not Benghazi

  1. When we quit talking about Bengazi, we’ll start talking about American Made Hemp rope and hangings. Is that what you want pelosi. Think of all the jobs that will create hahahahaha

  2. After we’re done talking about Benghazi, we’ll talk about jobs when the new administration comes in. Nice try though.

  3. Not to worry, Nana, since your crooked dealing in the House has made you a multi-millionaire, worth at least 100 million, so you’ll have plenty of ill-gotten wealth to play with when you go looking for a job in January 2015.

    Here’s an idea! Go to where you’ve parked some of that loot, ‘Stolenland.’

    They’ll welcome a traitor like you with open arms, maybe even name another park after your sorry ass.

    Tell me, Nana, how were you able to make such huge gains in your net worth after the economy crashed in 2008?


  4. No, they don’t. We want to know how it is that you and your cronies allowed Americans to be murdered and denied them help when it was plainly available. You are despicable.

  5. I have a question for Pelosi: since you scumbags in the so-called ‘government’ outsourced virtually ALL the jobs here to other countries, exactly WHAT jobs are you going to talk about, you stupid b#tch?

    1. They can always talk about taxing you to hire more useless bureaucrats, or all the jobs given to the Mexicans she lured over the border.
      Lotta jobs to talk about. You won’t be getting any of them unless you’re a prison slave.

      1. They can talk all they want.

        Right up till that moment the trapdoor swings open.

        That’ll shut ’em up.


  6. Clearly, the side effects of any one of these (Zoloft, Lexapro, Prozac, Paxil, Cymbalta or Luvox) is capable of producing such delusional behavior. She must be providing a substantial monthly income for her neighborhood pharmacy.

    I know one in four women are on SSRI’s for treatment of depression. That ratio must be considerably higher for politicians.

    1. Have you ever noticed how Nancy always has oily sweat for skin and sketchy eyes wide open… Methhead!!! She just uses the SSRI’s to sleep once in a awhile. I am sure she spends her nights at child sacrifice rituals of CPS kidnapped children. All of our leaders are satanist lucies

  7. This government has committed so many crimes and will continue to commit more crimes. They are all SCUM..they care more about Israel then the American People .
    It’s more like Barry Soetoro’s mafia. ( aka. Obama Hussain ). the dictator and chief. Our government is taken over by terrorist’s. America is being hijacked by Israel.
    Who is going to rescue the USA from this tyrant and his dictatorship and crimes against it’s citizens.

  8. No Nancy,

    The American people want to talk about why you have not been hung for treason yet.

    JD – US Marines – How do you spell Douch-bag? It’s spelled: P – E – L – O – S – I.

  9. This is funny.

    It’s too late to talk about the jobs that were shipped off to China, but now that she’s mentioned it, I’m guessing that Pelosi might have some Benghazi blood on her hands too.

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