3 thoughts on “Pentagon looking at possible military options for Russia, says US general

  1. That’s right, @sshole…keep your attention focused on what’s going on elsewhere.

    Don’t worry about what the patriots in this country are preparing to do.

  2. Good God, these “leaders” of ours are actually insane! They’re deliberately ignoring the fact that WW3 will ensue if they keep up the aggression against Russia, and thus, the end of carbon based life forms on this planet.
    The resulting radiation will be devastating, as the side that perceives that it’s losing will use nukes, and that will start the beginning of the end.
    These crazy assholes actually believe in what they’re doing!

    1. WWIII has already started. not all wars are with ‘bullets’ etc

      The commies started the silent take over of America years ago.

      Unsure exactly who has taken charge most recent – if I had but one guess it would involve the banksters; money/power makes the world go ’round.

      Putin is no dope, he can put far more political hurt upon America than Øbama can against Russia. Collapse the Dollar and the US is a done deal.

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