People Burned Alive In Cars Trying To Escape From Paradise CA Wildfire!

BitChute by HighImpactFlix

First published at 22:59 UTC on November 9th, 2018.

This is graphic and quite surreal and HORRIFIC. View discretion is advised!

I’m trying to imagine my friends or family having to go through something like this. These people were burned alive in their cars!

16 thoughts on “People Burned Alive In Cars Trying To Escape From Paradise CA Wildfire!

  1. So what started a fire that burned a whole town and then headed into Malibu, celebrity central…even celebrities lost their houses? Last time that happened was Bel Air in the 60s… so what or who started those fires? Foks, it wasn’t just “Santa Ana winds”… I will now pray for the survivors.

  2. Some one with more knowledge please give expertise…..
    1. Would a fire such as that literally burn all the flesh off someone? I was always of the understanding their would be charred bodies. Meaning burnt flesh.

    2. Why would they just be sitting in their cars instead of trying to get out?

    Makes no sense to me. Except for the body on the road almost looks like they got hit hard and fast.

    1. Just guessing, there was no where to go. Their cars were the last safest place, surrounded by flames. Rest in peace. It is nice to have an uncensored part of the internet. Thanks bitchute.

  3. The tranny, Catlyn Jenner ( Bruce Jenner) lost his he/ she mansion a couple days ago, fire swallowed it up.

  4. I live one county from Butte, in Plumas county. On Nov 7 the county paper Plumas News published a warning article from PG&E that it would be proactively turning off power because of potential fire conditions.There was no mention of active fires. The very next morning of the 8th, the Camp fire started?
    Do they have Nostra Damus on the payroll?
    Once again, this reeks of A 21 arson. One town at a time.
    Now Trump calls for thinning of forests, and as Henry shows, the answer will be privatized logging, probably by communist investment.

  5. How many fires in the past 8-12months , compared to the last 10-15years ?
    Lack of forestry management !
    These are being set on purpose and some are natural but getting out of hand due to lack of management
    The government there has mismanaged its taxes to spend on the greedy politicians and not using it on what it’s been told to the people for
    I feel this is an attempt to get disaster funding for a sanctuary state that’s been cut off , and when there’s big money coming in big skimming corruptly happens ,, think Hati and who’s pockets that filled and who’s wedding that paid for
    The average joe is paying the price with high taxes and their life and property because of the liberal policies and filling the pockets of who they put in office

    Just my 2 cents
    But again the people are paying with their lives due to the criminals in government

  6. Hey everyone, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just give more funding to the Israeli Jews! They obviously need it more than we do. (Sarcasm)


  7. Man. .. the horrible tragedies just keep coming.

    I mean …


    Active shooters..

    Male bombs

    Cops killing people in their homes.

    Gun confiscation legislation.

    Lesbians making penis jokes and getting elected.

    Jeff Sessions on the Bill Manuer HBO show.

    Michael Obama releases a book… called..

    ” I Wear the Pants Because My penis is larger than Barry’s”.

    Illegals trying to steal all the landscaping and fast food jobs from the other illegals that where here first.

    And.. even worse…

    Asteroids that could wipe out civilizations.

    But hey . …

    I’m not one to complain. ..

    In fact …I’m going to ignore this nonsense.

    I have more important things to accomplish today.

    Today …

    I’m going to practice standing up and farting.

    Without crapping my drawers reading the news.

      1. Okay… good advice…

        Right now I’m squeezing my face.

        Pushing my cheeks together trying not to sht out of my nose.


  8. Seems I don’t get to laugh much anymore……but, flee cracked me up good. You made my day…er.. night.

    There is so much about all this weeny roasting business (all the fires) that just don’t jive.

    How in the hell can a body be burnt that bad, OUTSIDE of the car, on the pavement several feet from the main source of heat.

    And I’m still curious as to how a fire could rip an engine out of a car and start metal buildings on fire in the middle of an asphalt parking lot great distances from the main body of the fire.

    And since when do fires follow fence lines and burn in strait lines.

    And on and on and on and on……..same stuff just different day.

    But one of the best little dirty tricks they seem to be doing is changing all the zoning laws before the fire and after the fire makes it very difficult and expensive to rebuild.

    But no worries as there are plenty of shady money men handy to buy you out for a fraction of what your property was worth before it got turned into an ash pit.

    They must be playing with their toys again

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