Peoria, AZ to equip buses, schools with security cameras

032312fultoncamera_1342879aThe Republic – AZ Central  – by Melisa Leu

The Peoria Unified School District school board on Thursday voted to place security cameras on school buses and in the district’s 39 schools to deter crime and student misbehavior.

Paid for by the 2012 bond, the project is estimated to cost about $3.5 million to outfit each campus and $181,000 to equip buses. All new buses also will come with cameras, officials said.  

“You act a little bit differently when you know that you’re on camera and bad behavior tends to sometimes not occur. However, if an incident does occur it gives us tangible evidence as to what actually took place,” Chief Financial Officer Michael Finn said.

Finn estimates about four to five cameras will be installed on each bus and at each elementary school. Each high school would have about seven to eight cameras. The district is working with a consultant to determine the final number.

Cameras will not be in classrooms, but are expected to be placed in the front office and campus exteriors. Currently, there are no district-operated security cameras on either buses or at schools.

4 thoughts on “Peoria, AZ to equip buses, schools with security cameras

  1. HaHaHa LMAO, I guess we all have seen how those security cameras prevented that so called Sandy Hook shooing didn`t we. Didn`t they say that those cameras were installed that day or the day before at Sand Hook?……….Seems like a awful lot of money to equipt those school busses with those cameras, they had cameras in busses here in Wi. for a few yeas now and if some kid wants to bully another kid he is going to do it, cameras or not, and if not on the bus, then it would be at school or after school some where else. I think that it would make more sense to install seat belts in those busses, I have heard that the school busses here In Wi. do not have set belts – at least not as of a year or so ago anyway.

    1. Don’t forget those security cameras in Sandy Hook that were installed the day before and were new, were actually NOT working the day of the incident, with no reason why and no one was and/or is allowed to look at the security setup of it at all, thanks to DHS. So how the HELL will this help anyone? Even though this is in Arizona, it has a Bloominidiot idea written all over it.

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