Permaculture Expert Takes Viewers on a GMO Cornfield Tour: “There’s No Life Here at All…This is Not Farming”

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Geoff Lawton has taught more than 6,000 students in over 30 countries on how to grow food in the most efficient and ecologically friendly way possible through permaculture design science, so he knows as well as anyone what a healthy ecosystem and healthy plants should look like.

And as you’ll see on Lawton’s recent clip of both a thriving natural prairie landscape and a GMO cornfield used for feeding animals in factory farms, the GMO cornfield simply doesn’t measure up.  

In the clip, Lawton (you can follow him on Facebook here) starts off at the prairie and then crosses over to the GMO field.

“…There’s a great diversity of plants here of all types, this has supported huge herds of animals grazing through in sequenced events,” he says while examining the prairie scene. But he finds a completely different scene upon crossing the road.

This is an Insane Way to Think About How We Produce Our Food”

The difference between walking through a prairie landscape, with tons of plant diversity and cover for the soil, and a GMO cornfield is absolutely striking, as you’ll see in the video below.

“This is not farming. This is a plant factory on the ground,” Lawton says.

“There’s no life here at all…This is a way of converting fossil fuels into money through food, that’s all.”

The big corporations that mass produce GMOs call them “sustainable,” but after viewing the video below it’s hard to imagine how anyone could think that way…

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3 thoughts on “Permaculture Expert Takes Viewers on a GMO Cornfield Tour: “There’s No Life Here at All…This is Not Farming”

  1. “There’s No Life Here at All…This is Not Farming”

    Sounds like my latest failed attempt at gardening. I’ve been at it for three years and so far all I’ve produced was a skinny carrot that looked like a broken pencil.
    This year the rabbits cleaned me out, because I didn’t get the fence up quickly enough. I thought I had plenty of time to do that because the plants weren’t producing any food yet, but the little bastards ate the leaves and the stems. Makes me wonder why they don’t eat the goddamn weeds if they’re going to eat that crap.

    1. Glad to see that at least you are starting. Everyone thinks that when SHTF they will just plant a big garden and be self sufficient. Wrong, the learning curve is huge. Even folks who have been growing gardens all their lives take occasional hits and lose crops. The deer got all my potatoes this year by eating the tops, and deer don’t even like potato plants. Maybe the aluminum and barium from the chemtrails has changed the taste to something they like.
      Keep gardening even if it hurts. Your life may depend on it.

  2. Hey J R , a good dog may help to keep those pesky wabbits out of your garden . Also, the dog will always be happy to see you . Just a thought .

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