Person in Custody After Trying to Climb White House Fence

 Man Jumps Over fence at White House, White House On Lock Down NBC News – by KRISTEN WELKER

According to an official with the United States Secret Service, an individual attempted to climb the White House fence Friday afternoon, prompting a lockdown.

The person was taken into custody by Park Police and Secret Service Officers.

An all-clear has been issued.  

The Secret Service official said the climber had two bags in his possession. Officers on scene declared the bags “suspicious” and called the Metro Police Deptartment’s Explosive Ordinance Division to screen them.

The security official tells NBC News that there is nothing that suggested the bags were dangerous but that this process is normal protocol.

President Barack Obama is traveling today in Michigan, where he signed the new farm bill.

5 thoughts on “Person in Custody After Trying to Climb White House Fence

  1. How come these guys always try and hop the fence when Barry is not home? What the hell? At least do your homework and make sure he is there. Otherwise, you are only annoying a few SS agents and accomplishing nothing.

    However, if this was a false flag, I guess that’s why. Don’t want to do it when Barry is around. The elite need their Puppet in chief to be in good condition in case anything goes wrong.

  2. Yes kingskid, I remember. The people’s house is now closed off to the people.

    He’s got his feet up on the desk and all other furniture, every chance he gets. He thinks it belongs to him. Someone had better send Barry the rat a memo.

    1. Deb, I remember a tine when a person could go see the president. Ya I know I’m dating myself. I can’t help but think, if the man wad doing the will of the people he may not need secret service protecting his criminal actions. Barry knows he just thinks he’s above the law.

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