Pete Santilli Criminal Takeover of the Truckers Ride for the Constitution

Published on Oct 17, 2013 by tomlacovara

This is a media scavenger who speaks about the same thing we believe but for a different reason. This is an opportunist who has violated the Constitutional principles he claims to support. He is vulgar and attacks people….talks about money and not having it all the time, and feels he must curse and be vulgar while representing the document divinely inspired an written by our founders. This should in and of itself speak volumes of the perverted nature by which this jackal comes. He attacks good and kind Christian people, that build a movement and are kind enough to allow his intimate inclusion and he has done NOTHING but divide us???NOTHING BUT DIVIDE US…….GET IT? Who seeks to divide us? Our enemy……even if they come espousing our flavor of truth……it is a horrible deceit
The Lord said they would come as friends amongst us…….

3 thoughts on “Pete Santilli Criminal Takeover of the Truckers Ride for the Constitution

  1. Santilli is a crook. I got sucked in too. This man belong strung up for the money he has stolen from the people that donated on his site.

  2. I wonder if some truckers might not track this guy down and beat 500,000 dollars out of him. Not that I’m advocating violence of any sort. Just saying if Santilli were perhaps forced to lay in a hospital bed in a body cast, he may have plenty of time to reflect upon any misdeeds he may have done in the past. And at the end of the day, would it really matter how he got there?

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