Phantom Party Files Copyright Claim Against Sandy Hook Researcher

Memory Hole – by James Tracy

A Digital Millenium Copyright Act infringement claim was filed on September 16 against the owner of the “Sandy Hook Hoax” Facebook page concerning photographic images of Lenie Urbina/Avielle Richman. Unsurprisingly, Facebook opted to take the
claim at face value without investigation and remove the image, according to Tony Mead, SHH’s administrator.  

Facebook does not disclose what party has filed copyright claims against its users. An appeals, or “counter notification” process leaves the door open to potential litigation by the claimant if ownership of the given image can be produced. Under Facebook’s policy the respondent has no other way of appeal other than and cannot determine who it could be facing in court.

As RT reported, earlier this week fair use advocates were encouraged when a US appellate court in San Francisco ruled that a jury should decide in a case brought by the Electronic Frontier Foundation against Universal Music Group on whether Universal adequately considered fair use prior to filing a DMCA complaint against a parent who posted a thirty second recording of their toddler dancing to Prince’s 1984 hit, “Let’s Go Crazy.”

On September 17 “Sandy Hook Hoax” Fb page owner Tony Mead filed a “counter notification” contesting the unknown party’s alleged ownership of the photos.


3 thoughts on “Phantom Party Files Copyright Claim Against Sandy Hook Researcher

  1. And if you could follow this to the very end, the ‘digital road’ would lead to the White House, I guarantee it.

    If I were Tony Mead, I would be VERY careful I didn’t slip and accidentally commit suicide……………..

  2. How does this “Phantom Party” creature have any standing at law?

    By the way….that IS the same girl in both photos. No doubt.

    Sandy Hoax is not pointed out enough…. all of us who understand the false flag aspect are NOT the audience… it is those who are the up-and-coming patriots who we need to address this to – over and over and over….I will not get sick of the truth no matter how many times I have to hear it. We should spend some of our best efforts on hammering one of the most blatant attempts to deceive the American Nationals that has ever been proven beyond a doubt (Oh, wait….9-11 was worse, and also badly conducted… it also is a proven falsehood).

    Pass the video “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” along to everyone you encounter – even if it is a quarter sheet with a URL on it. Also present the “Building 7” information, I usually do it by telling folks to do a YouTube search on “Building 7”.

    1. yes, and the Virginia Staged shooting of the news crew, with NO, None, Zero, casings ejecting from the (prop gun) is a clear hoax, and is the easiest way to wake people up…the PTB are just ignoring the groundswell of this obvious hoax…..futurevideo10 on youtube has produced those slomo-vids frame by frame, they are conclusive…! Yet total silence and co-conspiracy by the Media…people will have to hit the streets soon one way or the other I guess….

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