1. What the world needs now is love sweet love.
    So sad. I wonder how many of these people want to be on the street and how many would love to get off with a hand up.

  2. We all stand where we choose.
    When you are done and get back up it is a confirmation of your character.
    When you don’t, it is still a confirmation of your character.

    Only oneself can hold one back. Even if they let others help.

  3. From the area, I work in North Philly. I used to drive truck locally around there before I went long distance. I had a few instances where people tried to get in the truck. One lady tried to scam me and said I hit her car, told me to give her cash and she would leave. Its messed up man.. I have family there. My cousin lives in Kensington and is a heroin junkie. When the riots were going on some weeks back, they were all out looting for drug money.

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