Pistol Packing Mom Goes to Jail for Shooting Venomous Snake

Pistol Packing Mom Goes to Jail for Shooting Venomous SnakeNew Port Richey Patch – by Sherri Lonon

When a water moccasin slithered its way into a recent Pop Warner football practice at Bay High School in north Florida, a 30-year-old mother took matters into her own hands.

After watching coaches try to round up the venomous snake with a stick, police say April Dawn DeMarco stepped in. She told Miren Gregory she had a concealed weapon permit and borrowed his gun to shoot at the critter to protect the kids, according to the Panama City News Herald.  

The problem with that is discharging a firearm on a school campus is against the law. It’s also a violation of the law to have a gun on a school campus, even with a concealed carry permit.

The children were about 20 to 50 yards away from the snake when DeMarco fired,WCTVreported.

It is unclear if the snake was shot or slithered away.

DeMarco was arrested Monday for discharging a firearm on school property. Gregory also faces charges for possession of a weapon on school property, according to First Coast News.

Water moccasins, which are also known as cottonmouths, “are not necessarily aggressive,” the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says. However, “they are venomous and should be avoided when encountered.”

Photo Credit: A juvenile water moccasin/Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


7 thoughts on “Pistol Packing Mom Goes to Jail for Shooting Venomous Snake

      1. I grew up on a small farm in Oklahoma where we had a pond with a slew of water moccasins. I spent many an afternoon shooting them with my single shot .22 . They make very good moving targets swimming as there head is about the size of a half dollar on average. Me and my buddies also shot them with bow and arrows on occassion, and yes,they are very agressive. That was many moons ago….dang I feel old.

        1. I shot ’em too. 😉 (as child with a .22, while fishing). I’m sure I will again. 😉 😆 😉
          I worry more about the itty-bitty baby copperheads (when we are in our TX neck of the woods)

  1. I wasn’t raised by water moccasins but I grew up with them. Good observation, that snake is not a cotton mouth. And whoever this jerk is that said they are not aggressive is a liar. They all have a bad attitude. When swimming in various ponds and lakes which were all dark colored waters, we collectively were on watch for these vipers. You can swim faster than they can but make no mistake, they are like the Jews who want to own everything by hook or crook or murder. They are one of the worst snakes you would ever want to come across. When this nation was more free I used to go out on swamp water on a home made raft using barrels for floatation and boards tied to it with my teenage buds. These snakes were abundant. Of course we had bb guns and 22’s to protect ourselves. Our parents were home probably watching Ozzie and Harriet. Ha ha. But true. And yet, sort of the frontier type of life compared to today. This woman should have been given a medal instead of being arrested. If the story is even real. These days lame stream media is only a mouth piece for the mind manipulating machine of the most dangerous vipers of all. As the well worn saying goes, if you want to find out who’s responsible, for whatever, investigate who’s making money off of it. Trace the money. This is valid. But, they already have enough wealth for them to live a lifestyle most will never know. So, although the criminals can be found out by this digital system that doesn’t forget or lose money transfers, their methods are mostly a kind of silent, slow, murder and stealing and kidnapping and etc. process. Now, that they have the ‘money’ they can pay for and buy off anybody willing to sell their soul for 30 pieces of silver. One of many things are clear, they have to use their media resources to program the average public man, woman and child, that their laws and rules and statutes and oh yeh, let’s not forget, their ‘policies’ are inflexible when one violates one of these thousands of rules, but when they violate the same, no problem at all for them. Thankfully more and more people are waking up here. And that’s a problem for the PTB because here the people are not only well armed but that number has been increasing year after year.I remember as a young boy doing the cross that line thing. I would scrape the dirt with my foot since I was being challenged to a physical fight, but, my enemy was only speaking words that might cause me to make the first move. I’ve never been one to want to talk when talk was of no use. So I would move the confrontation up to my adversary to do something if that’s what they wanted to do. Bullies like to bluster and do their thing. But, when push comes to shoving and that moves to choking or stabbing or gouging you’d better be in the fight to put your adversary down. We know the nature of our enemy through it’s racial history as it has moved through numerous nations. It is well entrenched within our shores and it’s nature has not changed. They are the offspring of Cain. They are evil. They are not in anyway like us as to morality. Every politician here that gives any support to this should be named and brought before an open court where their crimes go on the public record for all to see, and everyone who has given aid to this massive overthrow=treason of our lawfully instituted government should be with the divisors of this overthrow appropriately receive the just reward which is the death penalty. Period. All of their shenanigans are exposed to us. These fat cats are drugged up scumbags who are following a script given to them. What low lifes. I propose and surmise and suppose that all of this is coming from a race of people that go back to Cain. They are the bankers, the politicians, the drug pushers (both legal and illegal), the promoter of lies, and the vendors of prostitution, and movies, which include ‘snuff’ movies. They are the promoters of abortion and homosexual lifestyles, and witchcraft etc. They pervert history, they cause all social systemic problems. They arm criminals while they imprison and murder innocent men woman and children. Although I want to see all of them experience what they have brought to us, I’ll just want them to be gone. But, we’re going to have to do it! And that’s ok with me. Death to the NWO and everybody who is of their rank and order. Be well. Doug

  2. Wasn’t it about one year ago Homeland Security and SWAT held some type of ridiculous exercise in an elementary school where they locked down the kids and ran threw the school with assault weapons screaming at the kids to lay on the ground and show me your hands. But shooting a poisonous snake on school grounds and protecting kids is a crime. Let’s face it….anything you do to defend yourself with a weapon is considered a crime in this country today. Unless you’re a cop. Then you can shoot anything at will.

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