Pitchfork Protest: Fauquier County Fines Woman for Hosting 10 Year Old’s Birthday Party

In April, Fauquier County threatened Martha Boneta, owner of a small farm in Paris, VA, with thousands of dollars in fines for a series of alleged violations, including hosting “an event” on her farm without obtaining a special events permit.

The event? A small birthday party for the 10-year old daughter of a close friend, Robin Verity.

Martha was also cited for selling produce directly to consumers from her farm without a license. But Ms. Boneta paid for and received a county-approved business license for a “retail farm shop” in June, 2011. However, just one month later, the county Board of Supervisors approved an amendment that restricted “farm sales”, and began issuing citations to farmers in the area.

Farmers in the area believe this is a violation of Virginia’s “Right to Farm Act”, which bars governments from restricting the rights of farmers from earning a living, so they orchestrated a protest during Martha’s Board of Zoning Appeals hearing on August 2nd, 2012.

Increasing economic freedom matters to people like Martha. But it also matters to consumers everywhere who should be free to choose the foods they want and buy directly from the farm that produced them.

14 thoughts on “Pitchfork Protest: Fauquier County Fines Woman for Hosting 10 Year Old’s Birthday Party

  1. “What is it?” Are they putting something in the water that making so many people “STUPID”? I don’t get it, people are poping up everywhere with all these Stupid rules to go after the people with! I think the government is trying to stop people trying to make a living , just to make them turn to the government to get there votes. That is something hussein and the democrats would do.

  2. And that two faced bitch Michelle Obama is always talking about nutrition and healthy lifestyles – she must be talking about herself. This sounds like another cheesy hipocritical law to go along with 99 % of the other laws that they try dictate to us to follow in this great and beautiful land of ours that the law makers think they own. Well, it is we the people that own this fine country of ours and not you law makers and politition bastards.

    1. P.S. Time for me and ol Fido to go and take a walk after my last comment. I hope that lady makes a DIG STINK OVER THAT ONE THAT THEY ARE DOING TO HER!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I agree, about the two-faced bitch comment.
        She – MO — goes on TV saying “Eat organic food! Eat vegetables! Plant a garden!”
        Blah blah blah, and while she’s barbequeing her argula and wearing a designer apron, BO is criminalizing it! It’s just like the Reagan Era Just Say No to Drugs, and doing Iran-Contra! Dealing the drugs!!!
        Dem or Repub, it doesn’t matter. They’re the SAME! It’s the power trip.
        Food fascism leading to starvation – Corporations like Monsanto are seeking total global domination (and corporate ownership) over the entire food supply. This concept is called “food fascism,” and it would allow corporations and governments to determine who eats and who starves. Notice how home gardens are under attack? (http://www.naturalnews.com/032960_Julie_Bass_home_gardening.html) Raw milk centers are raided at gunpoint? (http://www.naturalnews.com/033220_Rawesome_Foods_armed_raids.html) Backyard ranching is being criminalized? (http://www.naturalnews.com/035585_Michigan_farms_raids.html) This is all part of the food fascism assault that’s already underway in our world.
        And it is disgusting about the birthday party being fined!

  3. So much for “Buy Local. Support your local farmer.” And, since when do you need a license to have a Child’s Birthday Party? Unbelievable.

  4. And people claim that local government is more responsive to the people. If anything it’s the opposite. Local governments always attract the worse wannabe authoritarian tyrants who are such obvious assholes they can’t get elected to any higher offices.

  5. We need to take all these petty bureauKrats who set their talons on small farmers, and ship them all off to some deserted island with a hoe and 5 packages of seeds and wish them luck surviving. They can go individually or as a group (form a farming food co-op). These petty people know Nothing, hate freedom, food and beauty.
    It only takes trying to produce your own food to truly realize what miracle workers these small farmers are – it is long-hours of study and toil to produce any food at all. A new indie documentary, ‘To Make A Farm’, unsentimentally demonstrates what it takes to start a small farm, as the movie follow several young people in Canada – maybe we should tie these bureauKrats to chairs and make them watch it over & over & over & ove…..

  6. Ameria Loves Your Farmer Martha Boneta! You are an American Hero!

    Please bring your pitchfork to Washington, DC and clean up the muck.
    May you hear our prayers from all over the nation.
    We love you Farmer Martha. You are our hero.
    May God bless this Paris farmer and her family. Go Farm Girl Martha! Go!

    Please bring your pitchfork to Washington, DC and clean up the muck.
    Take your pitchfork to every state Paris Farmer!
    Be strong. Be brave. Be free.
    You are our hero. Go Farm Girl Martha! Go!
    Hey Obama – America demands you meet with Farmer Martha!

  8. The sale of farm products directly from the farm by-passes the tax system, and that’s a big no-no. Government officials don’t give a damn about anyone’s health of well being. All they want is a cut of the profits, because if they don’t get it they can’t survive.

  9. people should do some research before making blanket statements !
    if you had you’d find the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors is
    comprised of 4 republicans and 1 independent this board passed the ban.
    this is a local ban and has nothing to do with the federal government if that makes a difference

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