Plus-Size Models Reimagine the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover

Photo: Swimsuits For AllThe Communist’s new class conflict: So we should make fat women better than skinny women now and we should be ashamed of ourselves for looking down on them because they are fat, just like we should be ashamed of ourselves for looking down on gays and transgendered things. More social indoctrination and reversing of values to degrade this country even more.

Yahoo Shine – by Lilit Marcus

Earlier this year, models Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge, and Chrissy Teigen went topless for the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. But when three plus-size models, including supermodel Robyn Lawley, did a tongue-in-cheek recreation of the photo, it wasn’t a satire  it was a way to show how women of all sizes can be sexy and confident in swimwear.  

The original 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.The original 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.The shoot was organized by Swimsuits For All, a company that makes swimwear for plus-size women, and was part of a free calendar that the company created. The printable online calendar features the four models in various swimsuits and includes notable dates, fun facts, and activity ideas. For Gabi Gregg, 27, who blogs under the name Gabi Fresh, being part of Swimsuits For All’s Sexy at Every Curve campaign was a way to help women realize that you don’t have to look a certain way to wear a swimsuit or have a good time at the beach. The Los Angeles-based style blogger even created her own bikini for the brand, a bright neon suit with zigzags that she wears in the campaign’s official video.

“It was great to be on set with such positive women who love their bodies, and that was what really made the campaign,” she tells Yahoo Shine. “Swimwear is hard for a lot of women, but I hope that this campaign helps them realize they don’t have to lose weight to go to the beach or feel good or comfortable participating in life.”

Gregg’s blog, which she launched in 2008, started out as a way for her to share shopping tips with other plus-sized women. But now that more and more brands are offering stylish plus-size clothing, Fresh has expanded her blog to be more generally about personal style. Her style icons include Solange Knowles, Kelly Osbourne, and Beth Ditto, frontwoman for band The Gossip and Karl Lagerfeld muse.

Photo: Swimsuits For AllPhoto: Swimsuits For AllBut encouraging body positivity is about more than simply featuring plus-size models in ad campaigns. Gregg points out that the Sexy At Every Curve campaign shows a diverse group of body sizes and shapes. “Three perfect models who happen to be size 10 doesn’t make a great campaign,” she says. “We had a range.”

For Swimsuits For All, which uses the slogan “our favorite curve is your smile,” the best brand ambassador is a happy customer. They ask women to submit photos of themselves in their favorite Swimsuits For All bathing suits, which it features on the company blog or Instagram account. Women from around the country have been sending in pics of themselves styling their swimwear, accessorizing with cute sunglasses, headscarves, jewelry, and other fun accessories. And that’s one of the messages behind the Sexy At Every Curve campaign – anybody can wear a swimsuit, but it takes someone unique to have style.


36 thoughts on “Plus-Size Models Reimagine the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover

  1. No problem, honey. As soon as I reinforce the bed frame with these steel I-beams we’ll have all kinds of fun, but first I have to roll you in flour to find the wet spot.

  2. Uh oh. The FTT PC police are out. Dont like fat people? get over it hypocrite. I usually love to read FTT, however, i cant belive this superficial, nonsense. Keep critisizing the PC police while doing the same thing.

    1. bah, if I want to see that shit I’ll goto walmart – the covershot in the article looks far better.

    2. Lighten up. We’re just having a little fun. Would it have been easier to take if it was somebody fat poking the fun at the fat people? I think that is the real definition of politically correct. No offense was intended and I’ll say it for the rest, all company on the site are of course excluded.

      1. The main problem i have with this is that by making jokes like this, you are only contributing to breaking peoples confidence, and self esteem. Lack of confdence will always breed followers, in which are easily manipulated by political ideology. This only helps the commie state of america control the people more. Women especially are very emotional, and when they are hurt act somewhat irrationally. How hard would it be for dems to say “Look calling people FAT is hate speech” Now how many fat women do you think would agree with that and agree with a new “LAW” against it? This only contributes to the mess.

        1. I told you to lighten up. If someone can’t handle being called fat they are too useless to be of any good anyhow. I know a lot of fat people and you know what? They know they’re fat.
          Man, if you can’t take being called fat, how good is your emotional ass going to be in a fire fight?
          Now don’t get mad, we’re all friends here and we don’t need any ‘weight rebellion’.
          I can’t remember one time in my life when I ever cared any more or any less for someone based on how much they weigh, or by the color of their skin, or their gender for that matter.
          I’ll be straight up frank with you. I find nothing funner than when I see one of my nieces putting on a little weight and they know I truly love them, because only someone who loves you will tell you that your ass has reached the width of a hatchet handle and is headed toward an axe handle. 🙂

          1. All im saying is that communists play that easily by manipulating peoples emotions in order to get what they want. I could name several examples, guns being number 1, race, religion, sexual preference, war on women ect. Ilike a good laugh too, however this just gives more fodder for ridicule.

          2. Dind ding ding, we have a winner for originality. I should have known that constructive critisizm would fall on def ears around here. You guys are no better than the liberals you hate.

          3. emasee,
            You know what, f#@k you. It is you and your nicety-nice-nice, don’t hurt my poor little feelings, it takes a village to understand obesity mother f#@kers who have acquiesced to the politically correct communism. You can go the hell.

  3. Three things I know about big women:

    # 1. Heat in the winter, shade in the summer.

    # 2. More bounce to the ounce.

    # 3. Built for comfort, not for speed. 😉

    1. In High School, I had a boyfriend who said (referring to an obese ex): “I’d go at it for a half hour and not know that I was in a Crease.”
      Another one I’ve always heard, and STILL do (both from “heavy” girlfriends and the boyfriends/spouses who love them) is : “More Cush’n for the Pushin”

      1. LOL. Had a girlfriend in Michigan back in ’72, who was a big ol’ farm girl. She really wasn’t fat, just big, and solidly built.

        She was a helluva lot of fun, too. 😀

    2. # 1. Heat in the winter, shade in the summer.

      # 2. More bounce to the ounce.

      # 3. Built for comfort, not for speed……………#4 if they have tattoos you got moving pictures year round.

  4. Being overweight can be very depressing, because you can’t make fun of fat people, which practice amounts to about 30% of my entertainment.

    I can’t make ethnic jokes, I can’t make religious jokes, and I can’t make racial jokes, so I lost 100 lbs. just so I can make fun of fat people again. No one’s going to take that from me.

    And it’s open season on the LGBT crowd too.

    I’m sorry, but there’s very little in the world of humor that’s politically correct, and people have to laugh a little now and then. Whatever happened to the “sticks and stones” rhyme? How did everyone get so super-sensitive?

    It’s easy…. everyone’s been conditioned to cash in on their victim status by those who are experts at it.

    1. aw hey JR. you took the words right outa my mouth. I lost a sizable amount of weight years ago by using will power as, I’m sure you used too. Humor is exactly that. At 70, i weigh what i did when i was in my 20’s because I watch what goes into my mouth. I know that some have problems that cause them to be weighty, but that said Most of us just feed our faces with substances that will make us balloon. Now I joke about my brain farts, farts from other parts of my anatomy without control. My eyes are dim, and partial hearing is really funny sometimes. I’d rather have fun with my infirmities, than whine about them. Makes life a lot more palatable. 🙂

      1. Well that’s not exactly true, Paul. It was more twisted fat humor. The fact of the mater is that I’m a fat bastard who can stand to lose about 30 pounds myself, but that doesn’t stop me from making fat jokes. (While I’m working on the extra pounds)

  5. Undressing a big girl is like opening a present that someone didn’t spend a lot of money on, its allright but nothing to get excited about and depending on how big depends if you want to exchange it for something else.

  6. It’s a known fact that men are attracted first to what a women looks like. Women, get smart, and use this to your advantage. Quit running around scantilly dressed. If your a single woman desiring marriage, leave much to a man’s imagination, he’ll be more likely to commit so as to be able to survey what lies under your clothing.
    Also, our culture has become immodest, causing men, married or single to have to hold on to their minds and not committ adulltry therein.
    Plump, skinny, fat or perfect, women put your clothes on.
    This may seem like an unrelated comment, although imo. quite appropriate.

  7. Can I inject a point here? What ever happened to baggie pants? Half the reason I despise Walmart is spandex.

      1. #1, the other “half of the reason I hate Walmart” is that the Walton family are a bunch of bottom-feeding, low life, scum sucking, smelly creatures straight out of Satan’s a$$. There, now you have it! 🙂

  8. My Fellow Americans:

    What is all the fuss about??

    Hmmm,.. let me look at the picture of these “Plus-Size” models and see if…

    AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!,… MY EYES!!!!!!,….. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!,…. MY EYES!!!!!,.. OH GOD!,… I THINK THE RETINAS ARE BURNED!!!!!!!,…. AHHHHHHHH,… (rolling on the floor clutching at my eyes to stop the torturous burning and pain…)



    JD – US Marines – Welcome to the world of Commie Standards! – Men are not allowed to be men!,.. families are now suppose to be some perversion of two fags or two dikes,… and women, are suppose to be so tough, they can punch out a 250 lbs truck driver, and/or,…. look like a beached whale that is trying to kill itself on the shoreline!,… yep,… we’re there.

    1. Hey JD, we used to call the big girls “Kentucky Two Baggers”. One bag over her face and the other over yours just in case the one on her falls off! 🙂 Kinda like waking up with coyote arm. When, rather than waking her up to get your arm out from under her, you just chew it off and leave the arm behind! 🙂

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