Police Beat a Father To Death While He Begs For Help – Then Arrest Witnesses and Confiscate Video

Published on May 12, 2013 by Patriot News Organization

5/11/2013 : BAKERSFIELD, CA — Kern County deputies beat an intoxicated man to death in the street Tuesday night, then detained and intimidated witnesses, confiscated video evidence, and arrested another man who spoke out. David Silva was beaten with batons, left in a pool of blood until an ambulance finally arrived after he was already dead.

A female 9-1-1 caller named Selena told the dispatcher, “There’s a man laying on the floor, and your police officers beat the (expletive) out of him and killed him.” She said that she witnessed the victim do nothing wrong to cause 8 officers to bludgeon him to death. “These cops had no reason to do this to this man.”


A 19-year-old male witness, Ruben Ceballos, was awakened around midnight by screams and loud banging noises outside his home. He said he ran to the left side of his house to find out who was causing the ruckus.”When I got outside I saw two officers beating a man with batons and they were hitting his head so every time they would swing, I could hear the blows to his head.” He said that Silva was on the ground screaming for help, but officers continued to beat him After several minutes, Silva stopped screaming and was no longer responsive, according to Ceballos.

Another witness, Jason Land, said that he witnessed the beating of David Silva. “They jumped out, reached for their bats, and beat that man until they killed him,” he said, “right in front of my face.” Land spoke up about what he saw and was arrested as retaliation. The witness was on probation and says police responded to his eyewitness report by claiming he was high on PCP and arrested him without any proof.

Witnesses also say that the victim’s body was left to bleed out in the street for a prolonged period without any medical attention, wasting crucial minutes before the ambulance arrived. By that point, it was too late and CPR attempts were futile.

Other witnesses, including Melissa Quair, were harassed and told that they must surrender their cell phones as “evidence.” Their houses were even searched as a crime scene in order to confiscate the video evidence.

The victim’s brother, Christopher Silva, says his brother was murdered and wants justice. He is demanding that his brother’s body be released so that he can see the result of the beating. He wants the confiscated videos to be released. “My brother spent the last eight minutes of his life pleading, begging for his life. The true evidence is in those phone witnesses that apparently the sheriff deputies already took. But I know the truth will come out and my brother’s voice will be heard.”

6 thoughts on “Police Beat a Father To Death While He Begs For Help – Then Arrest Witnesses and Confiscate Video

  1. Like I have said in the past – If a cop is seen doing something like this call someone with a gun or get out your own gun and fire one warning shot and then if the F`n cop doesn`t stop then shoot the worthless POS bastard cop/cops that are doing this uncalled for crap. This would be the only act of defense against the cops as we all know damned well that they would be more than willing and ready to shoot you or beat us to death as they have shown/proven time and time in the past for many many years.

    1. I agree. Whenever someone or group of people are witnessing cops beating someone to death. Everyone just needs to rush the cops on a full on assault to protect the innocent victim. We can’t just let people get beat to death like this before our very eyes. Even if we get hurt or put in jail in the process, we need to protect people from this brutality…

    1. Exactly!

      They will keep doing it until we stand and fight back.

      We need to find the courage our forefathers had.
      We need to not be afraid of death in the face of tyrrany.

      The cops would certainly stop this behaviour if they knew the public would shoot them dead for their evil transgressions.

      The public did it in the past. Consider the Battle of Athens 1946.
      And should do it again if they witness such abuse.


  2. Ok you want me to give up my weapon now. Am I right Barry Soetoro ( aka Obama Hussain ). You are out of your dumb-ass mind. All these Officers involved need to be sent right to jail, forget a trial. I think a prison with the harshest criminals. I am sure they will get a fair trial there. I would actually pay to see that show, can you imagine.. that’s justice. Eye for an eye, you bastards. I swear there are more people getting murdered by Law Enforcement.
    If you were to go back in history you will find that the SS Nazi’s did this to the Germans, welcome back to the Hitler years of dictatorship,spying,lying,murdering their own people,tortured,jailed without a court hearing. So much for ” The Land of The Free”. Thanks to the communist and traitor Hussain Obama ( Barry Soetoro ) criminal and Chief. Also thanks to his male partner Holder. There are a lot more scum-bags in Washington, I am sure you all know who they are.

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