Police Block Interstate 64 In Virginia for Hundreds of Con-Way Semis

I don’t know what to think about this . . . Seems suspicious to me.

ABC 8 News – WRIC
RICHMOND, Va. – A record number of 125 commercial vehicles will be participating in this Saturday’s 2014 World’s Largest Truck Convoy for Special Olympics. The truck convoy is a unique one-day celebration in which law enforcement escort a convoy of trucks through cities and towns in 38 states and Canada. The event helps raise funds and awareness for Special Olympics athletes. In 2013, over $20,000 was raised with 49 trucks participating in Virginia’s nearly 50-mile round-trip convoy along Interstate 95 from Caroline County to Henrico County. — with Garrett Greer.

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Erica Illene – Hmm., sounds strange. Raising money for the summer special olympics for next year? If you goto the actual article from the special olympics website, you will see there is NO DATE and nothing metioned about trucks. If you research this same fundraiser last year’s the only relatable news you get goes back to this link! Wake up ppl.. the sheep will not survive when the hammer drops. Everything is falling right into place. ..


Published on Oct 26, 2014 by DAHBOO77

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7 thoughts on “Police Block Interstate 64 In Virginia for Hundreds of Con-Way Semis

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    The cover story issued by this criminal cartel, formly called the US Fed Gov’t,…. is complete bull,… bar none.

    So,.. let’s see,.. for the,.. uhmmmm (cleaing throat…) “Special Oylmpics…),… someone is willing to pay to have 125 big rigs “touring” thru 38 states (..and Canada),.. WITH POLICE ESCORT!!,… to raise money for something most people care absolutely nothing about! (and who pays for all that fuel and road tolls???),… because they last time they did this,.. they raised near $20,000 (“OOOOooooo” goes the audience!),.. but failed to mention how much did that event cost in terms of fuel, tolls and wear & tear on the trucks??

    No people,.. what you have here is an O’fffficiiialllll Gov’t distraction,… and more likely,,…. Gov’t Tyranny On Parade in some subdued fashion.

    I did not even get thru the first paragraph of the explanation for this gov’t sponsored side show,.. when I had an “Bull-Crap” reflexive gag.

    So should you.

    JD – US Marines – We can EASILY see this is a sham event,.. the question is,.. what is the real gambit here?


  2. How do you raise money spending it like its going out of style?
    oh, yeah I forgot , it might just be going out of style soon

  3. My question is, what electrical/tracking/data collection equipment are they hauling from city to city and state to state? Or who are they planning on stuffing into all those semis as they convoy from place to place? OR, what UN or ISIS, etc personnel and/or equipment are they hauling under a stupid cover story to a city/state near you??? Something smells and it’s not the diesel fumes. Besides, IF they were collecting funds for the Special Olympics, WHY would they need 125 semis and/or WHY would they not have those semis painted up in all the Olympic colors and patterns. Again, something smells here.

  4. I have to completely agree with all of you. Something didn’t sit right with me either when I started digging a little deeper. One wonder’s what they’re hauling that is so precious as to have to have a police escort in all 38 states. Do we even know if the truck drivers know and would be willing to say? Or are they private (government) contractors hired to get the goods to their destination?

    Something smells BIG time with this.
    . . .

  5. “I don’t know what to think about this . . . Seems suspicious to me.”

    Your suspicions are justified, Cathleen. How much money are they “raising” for Special Olympics by burning enough diesel to move 125 trucks through 38 states and Canada?

    A lot of eyebrows are raised by convoys of military vehicles seen on the highways, but I think there’s a lot more possible danger in what might be hidden in 125 tractor-trailers. You have to remember that in a fascist regime such as ours, corporations work hand-in-glove with the government, so these “Conway” trucks might just as easily be deploying troops and/or military equipment as any overtly military convoy, and the fact of what’s inside them being hidden from view is definitely cause for concern.

    And it may be the “World’s largest truck convoy for Special Olympics”, but it’s certainly not the world’s largest truck convoy. Back in the 70’s I saw hundreds of trucks in a convoy that stretched for miles, and every last one of them making a mockery of the 55 mph speed limit that was national law at the time. (they were doing 80)

  6. ahahaha
    They let one of the “Olympians” come up with the “special” fund raiser.

    They should at least carry water to california… After all those people need some potable water to poop in.

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