Police Busted Breaking The Law, Too Funny

Uploaded on Sep 4, 2011 by savemyrepublic

Mi seat belt laws require Law Enforcement to Obey seat belt laws. Easy to get verification on this, see my other video. We are only a short time away from National Seat Belt awareness month. Hundreds of Millions of your TAX DOLLARS Will be spent!! Remember, ZERO TOLORANCE, you will get a ticket!!! Well unless you are part of the RULLING CLASS!!

10 thoughts on “Police Busted Breaking The Law, Too Funny

  1. haha sure like the one shot where the cop looked at the camera, and reached up to buckle up. too late. let me have your ticket book. we need to give you a court summons. hah

  2. While in New York a few months ago, my daughter and I were at an intersection. This guy cut my daughter off by running his stop sign. We did not have a stop sign and there was a cop on the other side of the intersection.

    Did he stop the guy that cut us off, by running his stop sign? NO. He stopped my daughter for no wearing a seat belt. She was not issued a ticket though, because I talked him out of it. LOL

      1. Yea Paul and Millard, I can almost bet that they are cops laughing and taking thoes pictures. You act like that where I am from and you would be asking for trouble from the cops.

  3. Amazing how they didn’t get pulled over, beaten and arrested for videotaping them, reckless endangerment, civil disorder, and so on and so on.

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