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Police Fatally Shoot Conn. Military Museum Chief

New York Times

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. — The founder and president of a Connecticut military museum was shot and killed at his home by police after he pointed a handgun at officers, state police said Sunday.

State police identified the man killed Friday in Ridgefield as 75-year-old John Valluzzo.

Valluzzo was armed when Ridgefield police arrived at his home following a call about a possible domestic incident on Friday evening, state police said. He was shot after authorities said he refused to comply with orders to put the gun down and instead raised it on officers.  

Valluzzo was pronounced dead at a hospital. Police have not identified the officer involved in the shooting.

The Hearst Connecticut Media Group reports Valluzzo was a decorated Korean War veteran and founded the Military Museum of Southern New England in 1995.

The museum called Valluzzo’s death at the start of the Memorial Day weekend a “senseless tragedy.”

“Sorrow fills our hearts at this sad moment,” the museum said on its website. “The news of the untimely death of John Valluzzo comes as a great shock to all who knew him. His departure was sudden, unexpected and particularly distressing.”

State police said Sunday they’re investigating the circumstances at the request of the Danbury state’s attorney and Ridgefield police.

An autopsy is planned for Valluzzo.

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12 Responses to Police Fatally Shoot Conn. Military Museum Chief

  1. diggerdan says:

    Yea the police will investigate this and as usual the police will be ruled as a justified shooting as usual. No cops will be charged, you can bet on it.

    • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

      Hi Digger,

      Found Justified (“In-Policy”)????

      Hell,..I’m betting they won’t even see any need to “investigate” this!

      Another American exterminated by our our pyscotic cops.

      JD – US Marines – How many Americans have to be murdered by our own police before people simply start fighting back in mass??

      • diggerdan says:

        Yep JD, damn sad this happened. Hey There JD – happy memorial day buddy 🙂 .

      • Angel-NYC says:

        Yes, JD.
        Like I said in an earlier post, I’d be curious to know how many sheriffs from NY, NJ (CT, ect.) are attending the Sheriff Convention in Missouri. From the story, it was a whopping 485 from the entire USA.
        (Not holding my breath, either).

  2. Henrybowman says:

    Unless someone got video or there was a righteous oathKEEPER present
    We will never know what happened .
    Maybe we had one who stood up

  3. marcus says:

    When you train your police forces in america using israeli security services, they will behave like the IDF and consider everyone a Palestinian. Thus using every opportunity to shot you dead regardless of the circumstances.

  4. Patriot Joe says:

    Nowhere near enough information on this one to pass judgement. Just the usual ‘failure to follow orders’?????

  5. Wayne says:

    I don’t know about this particular situation… but let us not forget the new “No Hesitation” targets. That kind of thinking has NO place in American Law Enforcement. This no hesitation effort is a direct attempt to desensitize our officers. Let us work to counteract that attempt.

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