Police Officer Fired For ‘Scalping’ Detained Woman

Before It’s News – by N. Morgan

A Warren police officer has been fired for scalping a detained woman, while she was in custody. Surveillance cameras caught the incident and the authorities say her actions were unnecessary. It seems a bit mild to say it was unnecessary. It was sadistic and cruel. One woman trying to de-feminize another, trying to break the woman’s spirit.

Charda Gregory of Detroit was taken into police custody back in November, accused of disorderly conduct, destroying property at a Warren hotel and assaulting a police officer. While she was processed she was placed in a restraining chair, was strapped in and a Warren police officer cut her hair with scissors. David Griem, Warren City Attorney, and two police administrators reviewed the video several times and unanimously agreed to terminate the police officer. Griem says the 10-year veteran officer was freelancing.  

“There is a policy about removing wigs, but, that doesn’t cover scalping a person,” says Griem.


4 thoughts on “Police Officer Fired For ‘Scalping’ Detained Woman

  1. If this had ended in the death of the victim no charges would have been filed, and the officer would have kept her job. Killing is okay, humiliating, well now we cant have that.

    1. I think they’ll be throwing a few cops to the dogs in an attempt to quell public outrage against the brutality campaign.

      This act is sick enough, but they’re probably only getting rid of her because they don’t like her anyway. If she were a real head-breaker the scalping would have fallen “within departmental guidelines.”

  2. Don’t worry. I’m sure some other police precinct will pick her up and put her back on the force in a few weeks. Just wait and see. That’s usually how it goes.

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