Police Refuse to Release Video Involving Shooting of White Teen


State law-enforcement agents in South Carolina have declined a local paper’s request to release videos capturing an officer’s fatal shooting of a teenager.

The rejection of The Post and Courier’s demand under the Freedom of Information Act comes as a witness claims he saw a Seneca Police officer put something underneath the body of Zachary Hammond, 19, after the shooting.


According to a letter written by the Hammond family’s attorney Eric Bland to the FBI, the witness said he saw a Seneca Police officer pull Hammond’s body out of the car before walking to the trunk of his police cruiser, pulling something out of the trunk, and placing it underneath Hammond’s body.

According to the letter, which was quoted by Fox Carolina 21 in Greenville, the witness said that “After Zachary had been shot and killed, members of the Seneca Police Department lifted his dead hand and ‘high-fived’ Zachary Hammond.”

Police approached Hammond as part of a drug sting while the teen was in his car outside a Hardee’s. According to police, Hammond drove toward Lt. Mark Tiller forcing him to fire two shots and kill Hammond.

According to a private medical examiner hired by the Hammond family, the teenager was shot in the back.

Police say a “white, powdery substance” was found at the scene of the shooting.

In a letter, SLED Agent Thom Berry wrote that the agency refused to release the footage because it is part of “an active and ongoing investigation pursuant to which no arrests have been made.”


He also cited an exemption in the state’s Open Records Act which he said allows SLED to deny the paper’s request.

The Justice Department’s Civil Rights division is investigating the shooting in conjunction with a state-wide probe.


Seneca Police Chief John Covington said his department will make no further comment on the case.

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2 thoughts on “Police Refuse to Release Video Involving Shooting of White Teen

  1. Part of the “black lives matter” propaganda strategy is to convince white people that only blacks are being killed (black people make a big mistake by supporting or endorsing that movement), and that insures that most people will turn a deaf ear, assuming it’s only about urban drug dealers anyway.

    They hide the killing of white kids because that would raise a lot more opposition, and it also helps to increase white anger toward blacks (the divide-and-conquer angle) when these killings don’t make the news.

    If the pigs are refusing to release video, it can only be because this is another obvious cold-blooded murder that there’s no way to justify. Sooner or later Americans will realize that we need to rid ourselves of the menace of police, but I guess it’s going to take a lot more dead kids before they wake up to that fact.

    There is absolutely NO VALID REASON that these stinking pig bastards can’t wear a body cam that they can’t shut off, which records all of their actions throughout their shift. They’re our employees and we have a right to know what they’re doing. Any excuse for not wearing such a camera is only BS being shoveled to allow pigs to keep murdering Americans with impunity.

  2. I know how to get them to release the footage

    never let them leave the cop shop

    surround it, and threaten to Dorner them in 24 hours if the demands of the population isnt met

    its the only thing they understand ,, right back at them

    but the pussification of the USA is complete and we can see the evidence of it right here in this story

    also the fact that they refuse to release the footage proves GUILT to me

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