Police unload 137 bullets into UNARMED suspects after pursuit in East Cleveland; 2 dead

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EAST CLEVELAND, OH — Two unarmed suspects were slain by police officers after a 25-minute pursuit. At the conclusion of the chase, which may have included up to 50 police vehicles, 13 officers drew their weapons and unloaded at least 137 rounds in to the suspects’ Chevy Malibu. No weapons were found, and there was no evidence of return fire. The police were so violent and so reckless that they even shot up their own cruisers with friendly fire.




25 thoughts on “Police unload 137 bullets into UNARMED suspects after pursuit in East Cleveland; 2 dead

  1. The so-called ‘government’ has ordered 1.8 billion rounds of ammo.

    After seeing this sorry episode, I’m inclined to suspect it won’t be enough.

    These people WEREN’T EVEN ARMED!!!

          1. Probably a lot harder for criminals to get guns in Germany, too.

            Either that, or there’s far less crime.

  2. My Fellow Americans:

    This “incident” should not be viewed as a “chase gone wrong”,… it should be viewed for what it really is:


    You best make up your mind now,…. when the cops point their firearms at YOU to give up your firearms,.. your food,.. your gasoline,.. your anything,.. you will only have a split second to decide to shoot first and fight,.. OR,… be on the recieving end of dozens, or even hundreds of bullets.


    Decide now,… or die without even putting up a fight.

    JD – US Marines – Rememeber the Spartans,.. remember their courage and REFUSAL to be enslaved.

  3. This is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Why the hell aren’t people taking revenge on them?

    So now if we are near the sound of a gun, or if a cop says that he thinks he heard us shoot a gun even though we just happen to be randomly driving by at the same time, that we are now going to be chased down and executed with no questions asked? Are you kidding me???? OMG! Where is the militia? Where are the patriots? Get rid of these cops before they take us out! This is insane!

  4. If the cops involved with this do not get a long slow death penality then nothing but street justice will not work. F#@k these pigs!!!! Nothing but street justise for the cops!!, nothing less!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 1. I’m surprised that the MSM news reported on this.
    2. Does anyone think this has anything to do with the gun banning propaganda?
    3. If they think we are going to give up our guns after this, then they are even dumber than these policemen.

    1. Just for a split second, imagine NOT having a firearm & these LEO cowboys running the open range!

      BTW, that’s 3/4 of the 5.56mm ammo load of LBE harness expended. That friggin’ Chevy musta looked like the bus from the movie “The Gauntlet”.

  6. Cleveland Police are some of the most corrupt in the country. No worries though. City Law Director Robert J. Triozzi has got their back. Welkom to Amerika!

  7. Steady Boys… keep your powder dry, wait til ya see the whites of their eyes!!!

    The days are numbered. The time is almost here. The first shot heard here will become revolution around the world, shhhhhh Revolution World Wide.

    The word is… The Tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time. Whether it be Patriot blood or tyrant and turncoat traitor blood. It is blood that waters the tree. Freedom and Liberty is bought with a price, and so we will willing give of our life, that our progeny can fully live life.

    They have brought this fight to our doors… then let it be so… The fight will be ours, the night will be ours. The days, they will spend fixing what was destroyed in the night. At night they shall not sleep, but tremble in fear and weep, for we are everywhere. Silent with the razor edge to the throat, the lone wolf long shot from far, far away, their leaders never see the day. The long knives, the lone wolves will rule the night and the day. Amen, let it be so! It will cost them dearly

  8. In this country, everything is dictated by the market.

    Car industry needed customers, so public transportation is practically nonexistent compared to all other civilized countries.

    Ad industry needs airtime to show ads, so this country makes favorite sport the one that has minimum actual play time compared to the total time. The rest of the world is watching soccer, but you can’t insert ads in soccer, so we can’t like it.

    Food industry needs more sales, so percentage of obese is unmatched in the world. They just have made new breakthrough invention – “fourth meal” for the kids.

    Military industry needs customers, so this country spends on so called “defense” more than all other world combined.

    Prison industry needs customers, so this country has highest prison population in the world, with big gap.

    Now I understand, ammunition industry is coming up on the scene as well.

    1. VERY insightful comment. You know, I wonder if the following article may also have something to do with your comment, and the general decline of the U.S., since, oh, about Nov. 22, 1963:

      New World Order Pledged to “Jews”: New York Times, Oct. 6, 1940

      Question: Should civilized humanity be at all concerned about the plight and sufferings of the Palestinians, or just the so-called “Jews”?

  9. Citizens are facing a gov. and police state that has lost faith in the court system and law. Cops see some of the nastiest and worst gang bangers etc. walk free because of minor technicalities. Cops also see the cash grabbed called drug money and the false arrest and all the other common cop behavior that out rages the public. There work is only successful about a third of the time and the frustrations are taken out before any criminal proceedings start. Beating, clubbing, tazing, strip search all done as punishment for just being present when a cop came by. Cops are frustrated.

    1. What you apparently fail to grasp is that this is INTENTIONAL.

      Don’t EVEN attempt to justify their actions.

      1. No doubt #1. That whiteyward wants to attempt to justify the actions of the cops by sayin` they are frustrated? well we the people have been damned frustrated now for years. Maybe we the people aughta just start unloading on the cops just for carrying a gun or that bone breaker, eh. They could open up on ony one of us just because they don`t like us, or ya might walk with a limp. This guy has a whole lot to learn apparently. I bet he might be taking up police science in school. Maybe he is married to a damned cop.

  10. You will see these cops declared to have done everything “By the Book” according to their rules of engagement and more people will be awakened to what is happening in this country. By having this on the MSM will help to bring people to the stark realization that Amerika has become a police state and there will be a natural progression of tyranny to follow.

  11. Wow, I had heard that this type of SH^& happens in the Middle East, in places like Kuwait, where you’d better hope your car doesn’t break down, because, when the police go out there to “assist” you road-side – that may be the LAST time anyone ever sees or hears of you again.

    Now it’s happening here. No trial. No jury. Just rogue cops doing whatever they feel like.


    Mark Passio – Free Your Mind Conference 2011
    U.S. Soldiers, COPS – YOU SERVE THE 1% – WAKE UP !!!


    Operation Vampire Killer 2012


    The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope

  12. Unfortunately they will get away with it as usual and nobody will do a damn thing about it either. We are at war. But only one side is fighting it.

  13. I may be going out on a limb here, but this sure looks like a wee bit of overkill here. Not sure how the after-action investigation will go, but in the real world it looks like a lot of officers decided to fire without knowing what they had which , technically, would be out of policy … which means some pending punitive action, some retraining and maybe even a few dismissals. It’s going to take a long time for this department to regain its credibility … I’m just saying.

    1. Don’t be too surprised if some random gun shows up on the street that gets handed in by a concerned citizen. I am not saying they had a gun just that sometimes they magically appear. It m,ght even have an al-qaeda flag engraved on the grips.

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