Poll Shows Ron Paul Won Debate at Reagan Shrine

NBC News Political Unit has a poll asking who won.  Ron Paul is winning hands down as of this morning.

Results with 751 short comments

Total of 117,006 votes
Ron Paul
(58,016 votes)
Mitt Romney
(20,450 votes)
Rick Perry
(17,069 votes)
Jon Huntsman
(8,080 votes)
Newt Gingrich
(5,568 votes)
Herman Cain
(3,911 votes)
Michele Bachmann
(2,668 votes)
Rick Santorum
(1,244 votes)

0 thoughts on “Poll Shows Ron Paul Won Debate at Reagan Shrine

  1. Watching what has been going on with Ron Paul, and the misinformation the public is having to endure is mind boggling. Mainstream media has become the water boy to the propaganda establishment. Last night was emblematic of what we are up against here. It is infuriating. Unbelievable what is going on here with Dr Paul.

  2. It is just like what Henry has been saying all along, the crybabies in power see their power trip and empire coming to an end, so in a last ditch effort/tantrum, they are doing everything and anything to deceive the American people. It’s too late for that though as more and more Americans have been awakened to the nightmarish reality that these scumbags have created over the last several decades. They know full well that if Ron Paul is elected, their time is over. We know that if Ron Paul is not elected, the revolution will start and it won’t be pretty!

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