Popcorn Sutton`s last dam run of Likker

Published on Jan 29, 2013 by Gold Rush – Axl F.


The Last Dam Run of Likker video was produced by Neal Hutcheson.
For more information go to www.suckerpunchpictures.com

This Movie shows Moonshiner Popcorn Sutton, doing what he knows best.

Popcorn Suttton passed away March 16th, 2009. RIP Pop!

Hope you like it.

+90 mins of Moonshine

9 thoughts on “Popcorn Sutton`s last dam run of Likker

  1. In 1972 I was temporarily living in Chattanooga, TN watching a local news program. I really lived in Cohoes,NY (pronounced Ko-hose means falling canoe in Mohawk language) Anyway the news featured some local story with a backdrop of the city with modern buildings including skyscrapers.

    In a short time the anchor introduced the video and story of the federal revenuers (lol) breaking up a still in the local mountain and I cracked up.

    I never dreamed that there were still stills and mountain men in the woods and they were hunted down and busted. The last time I was in Tennessee, I saw they now sell moonshine legally cause the revenuers now get a cut.
    Money still works.

  2. Just remember folks: Popcorn Sutton committed suicide via-carbon monoxide poisoning in his garage, the feds were trying to drag him to prison again and had everything drawn up and were going to lock him away forever for refusing to give big brother “his fair share” of someones elses work.

    Now have a fat lady screeching and wailing out “god bless america, home of the free” while you think on that.

    1. Is that really true?
      Could you please post or send me some references on that.
      I’ve never heard of any of that.
      But, I’ve seen videos of him before and admired his tenacity and skills.
      The suicide. The criminal charges.
      Gee. I wonder why I haven’t heard any of that before?

  3. Been in Cock County Tenn. and have had me plenty of Suttons Likker.. best dam shine ive ever had .

    Hey Everette if you read this have a swig for me .. and call me , you know who it is ,, great times sitting out on your back porch watching all the Still Lights out on the hill , wishing you and the kids well

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