Portland Press Herald invents fake refugee success story to promote welfare benefits for non-citizen African refugees

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The first thing you need to know about African Refugees in the United States is that they are being brought here at tax payer expense. The Federal government gives “grants” to private charities to bring them to the United States and provide them with benefits above and beyond what they will also receive from conventional welfare. Even if Maine cuts off their welfare, they will still be getting Federal funds from the Obama administration.  

The media never tells you this. They don’t want you to know that your Federal tax dollars are being used to bring African refugees to the United States and that private citizens make money off of it. The Federal grants pay for the salaries and administrative costs of the profiteers who bring the refugees to the USA.

Then the media prints dramatically one-sided arguments to promote the refugees. The overwhelming majority of African refugees already in Maine collect welfare. A large percentage have committed serious criminal offenses.

Yet the Portland Press Herald interviews Maxwell Chikuta. They insinuate that he has a master degree in Engineering and works as “an engineer” at a Porland hospital. We found his resume online. In reality, he has a masters degree in Industrial Management & Finance. His Bachelors and Masters degrees are both liberal arts degrees. He went to HVAC school to repair air conditioners and boilers. That is what he does at the hospital.

So Maxwell Chikuta has some liberal arts degrees and an HVAC certification and works fixing air conditioners. Does this sound like the same thing as having a “job as an engineer.” In fact Chikuta never describes himself as having an background or education in “engineering” or having ever worked as “an engineer.”

The the Portland Press writes “many asylum seekers are educated and have work skills.” What is “many,” one percent? Most African refugees in Maine collect welfare.

Portland Press Herald….

Maxwell Chikuta’s native country had devolved into a civil war that claimed millions of lives and displaced millions more when he decided he had no choice but to leave the Democratic Republic of Congo and seek asylum in America.

He landed in Portland in 2003 and ended up in the city’s Oxford Street shelter, where the staff connected him with General Assistance vouchers that enabled him to get an apartment, buy food and take English classes while he waited for the federal government to grant him a permit to work.

Chikuta went on to earn associates, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, become an American citizen and get a job as an engineer at a hospital in Portland.

On Friday, he was among more than 100 people who turned out to oppose a proposed rule change that would prohibit hundreds of asylum seekers and some other immigrants from receiving General Assistance while waiting for their work permits.

“This is what the program was designed for – to help people with similar situations become self-sufficient,” he said.

Many asylum seekers are educated and have work skills but are not eligible to take jobs until 180 days after they apply for asylum.


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