3 thoughts on “POS Texas Cop Kills Unarmed Honor Student At Catholic College

  1. This cop knew damned well that that dash cam was not working. The cop fired off those 5 rounds just to intentionally kill that guy to make sure he would not make it. If I am wrong then why didn`t the cop just shoot the guy in the knees or some less leathal area and then – I am sure all it would have taken would have been only one shot. Then again the only reason anyone would want to shoot anyone more than once or twice at most would be to intentionally kill the person – Hell, ya don`t even do that to a wild animal unless ya got a blood lust for killing…. I also would like to know just where those bullets hit this guy – ya know, like how many in the chest, shoulder legs because I can almosst bet that most were in the chest or other deadly area.

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