Premier Obama Introduces Desperate Measures

Obama, holding true to his communist campaign slogan, “Forward”, announced yesterday the merger of Amerika’s psychiatrists with our secret police.  Few and far in between, are those who truly understand the full implications of these new executive dictates.  Without going into a tirade, we will summarize.  When fully enacted, these draconian laws will allow for any American national to be dispossessed of their 2nd Amendment right without any due process of the law.  This is what you get when you allow any infringement.

The 1934 gun control act established the treasonous notion that our 2nd Amendment right could be infringed.  The 1968 gun control act expanded on the infringement in declaring that those convicted of felonies could have their 2nd Amendment right removed.  In 1994, an additional infringement was added via the background checks, a complement of course to the 1968 infringement addressing convicted felons.

Now, with these new executive dictates, you can have your 2nd Amendment right taken away while not being convicted of any crime or even so much as accused.  Now all it takes is for another citizen to declare that he or she does not think you are thinking correctly and your 2nd Amendment right is gone.

As this new list of those who have had their inalienable right removed will be like the TSA No Fly List, you will not even be allowed to know who put you on the list or why.  And just like the TSA list, which is completely unconstitutional and a running violation of our Bill of Rights, there will be no remedy for the situation you find yourself in.

Obama announced this treachery surrounded by a group of children.  This is communistic to the core.  If you don’t believe so, watch the movie, “The Killing Fields”, and see how communists use children to tear apart a society and reconstruct it in a socialist model.

Make no mistake; we are at war, as the soviet insurgency has openly declared that our weapons are theirs to remove at a whim…that is in theory.  This is why the insurgent Obama also ordered the financing of more police as he knows his forces are seriously understaffed.

Get ready because whether you realize it or not you, as a patriotic American national, are already labeled mentally incompetent as your minds will not accept brainwashing and you do absolutely represent the ultimate threat to this communist insurgent government.  This will be the standard for the confiscations which will be attempted.

The international socialist, Andrew Cuomo, and his communist cohorts put forth the legislation in New York that was to be the solution nationwide to the false flag Sandy Hook crisis.  The problem is the majority of us were already awake and failed to react in begging the communists to save us with gun confiscation.

One thing for sure, whatever their next move will be, it will have to come quickly because this economy, made up of hot air and worthless paper, cannot continue much longer and the outside forces holding all of the worthless currency, are going to try to dump it at the first sign of trouble.  The dollar will collapse.  The US economy will collapse.  The world economy will collapse.  There will be world famine.

Call me crazy……what am I saying, they already have, but it looks to me like the only card they have left up their sleeve is World War III, coming to a theater of operations near you in the spring.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

6 thoughts on “Premier Obama Introduces Desperate Measures

  1. Interesting how the rewriting of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM-5), to describe nearly everyone as having a psychiatric disorder, is being finished up just in time for use to grab firearms. Things have been planned on so many fronts, I wonder what the next piece of the plan will be.
    Be well, all, Rob

  2. “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”


    1. #1,
      Lack of legitimacy has never been a problem for criminals. Just ask someone from the so called “legal profession”.

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