8 thoughts on “Priorities

    1. Yep Paul. Now I hear that them duck dynasty guys selling a cammoflaged gun – as if they just came out with cammo guns ya know. Them duck dynasty guys are nothing more than a real cheap distraction from what is realy going on and they know it I am sure of it. Like the post said – ” WHILE AMERICA DEBATED DUCK DYNASTY THE SENATE DEBATED THE NDAA AND PASSED IT “. I just do not understand what all the fuss is over those duck dynasty guys.

      1. shallow people have shallow reasoning. they wouldn’t understand if you told them. the lack of deductive reasoning is rampant everywhere. I am surrounded by friends and acquaintances that do not have a clue what is coming down on them. I tell them, but they do not have the capacity to think on their own. I still try to give them a little bit of the truth, as they cant take a whole lot of it at one time, hoping they might start to realize that they have to not comply with the animals that are oppressing us. very discouraging at times.

        1. …you should see how my family members have looked at me for over two decades…when I try to explain the degree of corruption…like I’m nuts or something….but there is only so much that can be done…for others and yourself…


          RJ O’Guillory
          Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  1. The only qquestion I got is can I get a FULL set of duck dynasty guns without the registration/confiscation BS?

    Also, I see EPA advertisements saying you can’t get LEAD wtf!

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