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PROBLEM, Reaction, Solution Has BACKFIRED- The New World Order Cannot Succeed

Published on Apr 14, 2013 by Kenneth Vance

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Listen to why the governments own schemes has backfired on them. The New World Order will soon be called the failed world order

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3 Responses to PROBLEM, Reaction, Solution Has BACKFIRED- The New World Order Cannot Succeed

  1. Cathleen says:

    The Committee of 300 members all need to be arrested and housed on Guantanamo.

    . . .

    • Steve Apple says:

      Cathleen,this parasitic race MUST BE REMOVED not “kept” EXTERMINATED WITH EXTREME PREJEDUCE they have murdered over 200 million innocents last century alone and caused untold misery for BILLIONS more and throughout history they have been defeated,expelled,banished FROM HUNDREDS OF COUNTRIES yet they regroup and sneak around in the shadows til their next PLOT AT GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT ripens again and we are right where we are TODAY.No quarter no compassion for these satanic creatures only complete extermination will save huMANity. Us men need you girls as support and partners but this is gonna be a hard nasty fight and a woman I mean a REAL woman(not these macho modern dykes) can not be on the front lines,you guys are needed to teach and nourish and protect our children

  2. Incriminally Sane says:

    James Hagel would be proud of the way the controllers have created the environment for global distraction and taken control of every nations banking system except Russia, North Korea and Iran, the only nations they are trying to instigate wars with so they can financially invade them and gain total control over their money systems and once they have control of their money, they have control over their Governments. Boston was about as transparent as it gets which has awakened a vast number of people riding the edge between asleep and awake and now they know the truth. stand together people, they are falling faster than you know.

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