Project Camelot: A Rothschild Speaks Out

Published on May 29, 2013 by Project Camelot

This interview was conducted at the Super Soldier Summit in May 2013. Erin Green Hicks aka Erin Rothschild tells her story from the perspective of time travel and her experience growing up as a Rothschild being tortured and put through illuminati mind control and satanic rituals…

Shot and Produced by Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Project Camelot

21 thoughts on “Project Camelot: A Rothschild Speaks Out

  1. My thanks to Henry or one of his staff. I was blown away with this interview as I thought many would that have not seen it. It was published Henry said in May but that was before I found this site, then I thought well many too are new and this is mind blowing so I begged he run it for the new comers since it was so far out there. Thanks again.

    Wow time travel
    other dimensions
    mind control
    Dr. Mengala holy xxxx well you know

    That means know the future and we do not. That is not fair.

    1. Give me a break – yea I was/am MK Ultra and FU*K`N AYE I have been there and done that and ya got to fight them. Ya I am on MK record!! Yea ya got to keep your sanity or they will definatly take it. Yea I know about them bastards and it is all on record. there fore I have nothing to hide. Yea The Big Boy Club to this day is trying to do me. Just sayin. Just ask Millard. 🙁 👿

      1. whew Digger this is all pretty heavy stuff. not familiar with any of it. you must have gone through some bad times.

        1. Yea I had to erase a reply to ya because it is private as so far as this subject goes. 🙁 we talk later my freind

  2. I was married to a brilliant woman who bordered insane. These people can weave a story into and about anything. They are masters at drawing people into their web who want to believe them. Modern day witches, snake oil salesman, cons. She should be a politician

    1. Do not speak of what you know nothing about Bamalamadingdong ok I was there and did that and you talk shit wen it comes to that.Catarize yourself ok Bamalam OK I personaly know about that MK ULTRA and I know that you are crap and you are obvipusly talkin` sh*t from what I have personaly lived and experienced … !!!

      1. Hey , go easy digger. The fella up above said he was married to one of these insane people. I know there ain’t many folks that can understand what you have gone through, least of all me. But calling him names and cussing at him is just going to turn him away.
        We gotta stop turning people away.

      2. Sorry, digger. Have to agree with tammyc on this one. You can’t know someone any better than the one you’re married to.

        Take a smoke break, bud. (yes, wordplay) 🙂

        1. #1 and @ tammyc ; maybe I got off on ding dong a bit there but look who dingdong was callin` names after all! Callin` his wife and I might say others even when he was sayin` “modern day witches, snake oil salesman, cons. She should be a politicion” perhaps dingdong should speak for himself instead of his wife and others. Oh and by the way, I am sure that I am not a con man modern day witch, ect that he likes to call people. WTF, Talk about name callin`, I think I went easy on him actually. What the hell is he doing with his wife if that is the way he thinks about her? You can live with someone all your life and not know even the first thing about them as I found out about. Also the MK Ultra people do not have any choice one way or another when they get thrown that crap – they get that bs regardless if they like it or not.

          1. Hi digger,
            Rammalammaboobtube said “I was married…”
            “Was” being past tense, as in the past. So he is either divorced or doing some kinda passive aggressive stalking spanking thingy. Probably the first choice I think.
            Shoot ya later.

          2. Hey booger digger, I’m not married to the bitch anymore after she tried to set me up and have me killed for life insurance money. Go figure her next husband died and collected life insurance. I’ve worked all over the world and have friends in foreign governments and business. I don’t argue that our government is evil and they system is rigged. I’m very open minded, but this girl has no proof of anything she says, is far out there but is entertaining. I recently ask a business associate in Singapore, ” what are people really saying about America” He responded, America is in serious decline, lost respect in the world and business, the government is turned bad, and the American people are weak. He further made the observation if the American people sit back and allow their government to continue to take away all their rights then it’s a direct reflection American people are weak and stupid. He said any other country their people would riot in the street to overthrow their governments but Americans have become mentally weak. But back to this girl Rothchild, if she were to take her energy and supposed inherited power to direct it to seizing the Rothschild empire, heck maybe she could change the course of the world. Or she could get billions to support efforts to help your organization to change history.

          3. Good Morning tammyc. You are right tammyc. I missed that 🙁 my mistake. Guess that I got off on that ding dong guy a bit when he started that modern day witches, con man type of talk he was doing and I did I guess take it a little personal I do know that he is wrong catagorizing people like that especially when it comes to subjects like that. Unless dingdong was mk ultra he has no idea what he is talking about. Like I said, I was there and done that. Yea tammyc, world class dr.s were responsible for my case. I can talk about that now because those dr.s have been dead for a long time now 😉 😎

          4. @ 6:43. the rothchilds are never to be changed as they got way too much false power – money and control in other words. By the way I have no organization much less belong to any organization as you said in the last sentence there 🙂 . That mk ultra can be beat as I am a perfect example of one that did I think. it is just what ya got to do to sacrifice to beat it. All it takes is a lot of focusing and a very strong mindset. Ya see Bamalam, people have to allow themselves to be brain washed to be brainwashed. By the way, sorry to hear about your divorce/separation.

          5. bamalamadingdong,
            What’s your agenda, pal? You come on here and pretend to be one of us while attacking us, tongue in cheek. We American nationals are standing up. When you talk about those other people in other countries standing up, you mean those pussy mother f#@kers that have already surrendered their weapons and riot because that is all that is left? You mean like Egypt and their great revolution? How’s that working out, by the way?
            If you want to talk weak, speak for yourself. If you have nothing but contempt for we who have stepped up to this fight, what the hell are you doing here?
            Tell your buddy in Singapore, he can kiss my big hairy American ass. I don’t give a rat’s ass what other countries say about what is going on here as they have,, already submitted and surrendered to the international socialist mafiosi.
            Again, what is your agenda?

          6. Thanks Ship, I don’t pretend. I am for real. I was transported here to start the process. American businessmen once had balls going abroad seizing hard assets for Americas benefit. Now China, Asia, Russia are taking the led. All America produces is computer geeks (who don’t understand how to utilize their wealth for the benefit of their American family). There is only one solution left and it will not be at the voting booth. There are those who are willing to assist with the process.

          7. Ya know, cupcake, (basically what a Ding Dong is), I don’t often intervene in other posters’ quarrels, so I tried to do you a small favor. Then you come back at us with this cr@p.

            We’re all very well aware what other countries think of us, that’s ancient news. By the same token, as Henry pointed out, we could give a flying f%&k what a bunch of unarmed cannon fodder thinks, as they are less than useless to us in fighting the NWO.

            So why don’t you just take your “weak American” bullsh#t somewhere else, because we here at FTT are going to fight to take this country back from the communists that are stealing it, and you can take that to the bank, @sshole.

            That is, if you’re stupid enough to keep anything of value in a bank.

          8. Yes Henry, dingdongs buddies in singapore can kiss my butt too except my butt isn`t very hairy but I do have a lot of pimples just waitin` to explode that pimply butt of mine does. 😉 😎

          9. @8:32 dingdong, sounds like you are the one calling names this morning aren`t ya. Callin Henry ship, callin me booger digger….Yea dingdong you don`t even start callin us Americans things like “all america produces is computer geeks”. well dingdong go F your self sayin` that crap. Yea dingdong go F yourself good and hard pal – oh my mistake, you are not my pal – , OK, talkin that crap. Oh Yea YOU GO TO THE POS VOTING BOOTH AND VOTE OK . Yea, dingdong IMOHO, it is those like you that are a big part of the problems that us real true American Nationals have and I do say that proudly. oh yea, and one more thing I got for you dingdong -you say that “you were transported here to start the process”. well good, may you be one of the first to be catching a bullet when the SHTF then ok dingdong!!! F U you trashy POS . Take that to your slant eyed freinds.

  3. Of course MK Ultra exists…Cathy O’Brien who wrote Trance Formation of America was in it, and this other guy I met years ago who claimed to have been abducted by aliens was also in it. But the time and parallel diminsion aspect of it are new to me. But the abuse by the Rothschilds are well known, including Satanic Ritual Abuse…if you don’t believe it exists there are plenty of first hand sources all over the internet, all over the world. Hard to believe but this kinda stuff is hard to make up. Thanks.

  4. And it’s all got to be true because she has kewel tattoos.

    Say, anyone interrested in South Florida property East of Naples? It’s part of the Everglades Restoration Project. Think waterfront property.

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