Propagandists are Failing to Divide the American People

The propaganda machine is running in overdrive as the push to cover up the GOP election fraud has become so in-our-face as to be counterproductive to its cause.  Only the most ignorant of the ignorant cannot see the push to implement every form of propaganda developed over the last fifty years for the purpose of dividing we the people.

We are seeing a push for a race war, which is failing.  There is a war on women, which I guess is supposed to indicate men against women. There is a war on religion, which I guess is supposed to mean whatever they want it to mean from one minute to the next, including, but not limited to, abortion, birth control, Mitt Romney’s Mormanism, Paul Ryan’s Catholicism, and Obama’s Muslimism.  And of course there is the class war, which really makes the whole thing quite interesting, as, in many cases considering all the aforementioned wars, individuals are finding themselves at war with themselves.  Failing, failing, failing.

I guess we are just supposed to forget about the $38 trillion in stolen resources, our lost jobs, our lost homes, our lost bank accounts, the many foreign wars, and the fact that our middle class is continuing to shrink as the poverty level rises.  And most important of all we are supposed to forget that Ron Paul is still bringing in record crowds and that in reality only half of this country has gone to the polls for the GOP primaries and caucuses to date.

We are being treated like children in much the same way as the American Indians were when this country was being stolen from them.  Only there is a difference this time as we are more numerous than the blades of grass upon the prairie and the stars in the sky.  The Indians were pitted against one another to their common demise and the arrogant traitors that are the insurgency we face today think they are going to somehow manage to do the same to us.

Well, this strategy is not going to work on the American people of the American race.  We do not communicate via smoke signals, we have the internet and we know how to use it.  If they strike one of us down, a hundred must step up in his or her place.  When they try to cower us we must lash out and cower them.  We are the many, they are the few.  This country is ours, not theirs.

They will employ mercenaries to fight for bootie, we will fight for our homes and hearths and our progeny yet to come.  They know they cannot defeat us; this is why they are so desperately trying to get us to defeat ourselves.  We must continue to build our numbers behind Ron Paul and let them know that if they disenfranchise us they will be utterly destroyed.

Hell what am I saying?  After what they have done to us, we will destroy them anyway.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

9 thoughts on “Propagandists are Failing to Divide the American People

  1. Right on, Henry! Piss on the one-world government bankster-apologizing warmongering criminal propagandists. May Justice corner them eventually as Truth is now.
    God bless Humanity and Liberty.

  2. There is only one war that matters and counts. It’s the class war that pits the 1% against the 99%. It/s the one war the 1% can’t win and seek at all costs to suppress. Why does anyone thin that whenever anyone brings up issues like taxing the billionaires and millonaires, etc., they immdediately denounce that as a class war that everyone is supposed to think is real bad. And then what has theone percent been doing but wage class war and against the 99% – relentless over the last 290 years for sure. How does anyone imagine the share of national income of the 1% has gone through the roof, while the middle class is shrinking, pensions are being destroyed, wages are being cut, millions are losing their jobs, unemployment is slashed, while the Republicans come up with more tax cuts for the rich while slashing programs for the 99%-like medicare, they want to destroy social security, destroy labor laws so individuals are pitted against All this has been massive wealth distribution from the 99 to the 1 percent, and then when we demand back by taxing away from the the wealth they stole from the rest of us, they scream that dastardly wealth redistribution. And they are right – its giving back the wealth they have stolen to the people they stole it from. It’s called justice, which is why the progressive income tax was introduced in the first place.

    They are scared to death of one thing – the truth that the way to tear up the old Manhattan phone book was a few pages at a time by putting blacks against whites, men against women, etc. etc.

    Unify against th 1 percent. You have nothing to lose but your chains; you have humanity to win.

    1. Prien,
      More socialism is not the answer. If you tax the 1%, that money goes to the government, not to we the people the government helps the 1% steal it from.
      The whole taxing the rich scheme is a farce. Where do you think all the tax money goes? I do not want to tax the 1%. I want to arrest and prosecute the thieves. If we get back our stolen wealth, we will not need this socialist government as we will be what Americans are supposed to be, independently solvent and self sufficient.

    2. No, taxing the 1% ain’t gonna work because the money just goes into the hands of the corrupt federal government which uses it to bail out corrupt bankers, finance corrupt wars (that incidentally benefit the corrupt bankers), militarizing police forces (which are the guard dogs of the establishment), and ultimately to keep this planet in a constant state of chaotic flux – “order through chaos”.

      Centralized power is the problem (always has been), which the government is just another manifestation of, with a “one world government” being the ultimate desired manifestation. This sort of power always attracts the very people that shouldn’t have it, but the ‘catch’ is that as long as it exists those very people WILL have it, because they are willing to do ANYTHING to get it. More ‘worthy’ people aren’t willing to do “anything” to get the power, thus they will always lose out.

      This is a simply fact that we all need to come to understand. This game can not be won by decent people because the rules are tailored for the corrupt. The only thing that can be done is to stop playing the game all together and create a new one in its place; one whose rules are tailored for decent, positive humans, thus forcing the corrupted to experience the other side of the spectrum.

      Their attempts to keep everyone playing this game is really forcing people to come to the ultimate conclusion I’ve stated. In a way, they have become their own worse enemies.

  3. The corrupt elites plan of fluoridating water backfired. The Americans are to lazy to do anything and that includes rebelling or fighting for their causes they do believe in. In turn, martial law can’t be implemented because of our apathy. Therefore we win by doing nothing.

  4. Why isn’t the CEO of JP Morgan Chase sitting in Riker’s Island prison yet???

    This theif stole billions from right under our noses!

    Remember the name Jamie Dimon….

    For more information enter Jamie Dimon in this sites search box.

  5. I just read an article stating that the US Nazi Party has hired a Lobbyist. MG, what is happening to our Country?!

  6. Indeed the propogandists are failing to divide people world wide.Americans,who have been living off of the fiat currency and somehow justifying the slaughter of populations are the most guilty of all.When is the last time your city,friend or family has been bombed in the name of freedom?I pity the Rothschilds’ when the world wakes up.Otherwise I pity the world that I swear to god I’ll never see.

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