15 thoughts on “ProPalestinian Ad Ignites Jew Fury

  1. Yes…it is horrible.
    Now, look at the map of indigenous people of the American continents. The natives of the whole continents are looked down upon and told that we are illegal.
    We did not come here escaping religious persecution, we did not arrive on slave ships nor did we arrive on ocean liners…we have been here for over 40,000 years…I totally understand the poster.
    There is no difference between Palestine and the natives of this America’s or Turtle Island.
    Think about that for a moment…what is the difference?

  2. A note to the ADL: There are 3 sides to every story. The side you Jews ignore is the side of truth. Note the Jew-paper editor was quoted as calling the ads anti-semetic. 90% of Jews are NOT semites and people must understand this. If Jews living in the US are offended by the truth, they can take their talmud books of evil and go to Israhell. I’ll happily pay to ship their arses there. Best investment a gentile could make. Good job Mr. Clifford!

  3. All of this was written in the Bible. An amazing book if you get past the churches/evangelists and the manipulation of our English language by the so called jews, who are not even jews..Which the Bible also explains.

  4. “He says the ad is anti-Semitic.”

    “’It paints Jews as aggressors, as imperialists, people that are stealing or taking land from others.’”

    There you have it, according to one of the psychopathic parasites himself:
    Truth is anti-Semitic.

  5. To me, the question is the factual accuracy of the map, since a picture of maps is no more anti-Jew than any other cartographical representation. The message here is keep it simple and factual, and they can’t easily ban this very powerful ad. Good work.

  6. That first map on the left is wrong. Zionists didn’t buy any where near that much land. Zionists had the Kibbutzes. They would buy (confusion about if they bought it from the actual owners, but that is another story) a few acres of land and work hundreds of acres of Palestinian public lands, called crown lands for some odd reason. Then after Zionists broke out of the Kibbutzes to steal Palestinian lands for themselves, they just declared the public lands they were working as their own land. They call it swet equity. But it really just Zionists stealing more Palestinian lands.

  7. There’s a saying: Possession is 90% of the law.

    Those are the laws of man. … According to the Laws of Nature, possession is 100% of the law. … It’s Natural Selection; it’s evolution.

    Fossil remains from the American NW to Florida identify Aryans as the earliest humans in North America. But they were conquered and killed or absorbed by the Asians who followed, leaving only a trace genetic marker in the Amerindian gene pool passed by Aryan females, not found in Oriental populations in the Far East today.

    Later, the hearty Norseman tried to establish themselves in the NE, but were driven out by the Amerindians.

    Then another group of Aryans arrived in the South. But they could not be defeated. Not because of advanced weaponry so much, nor superior martial skills or valor. … Mere exposure to the new group of Europeans wiped out entire tribes….Eighty percent of the Amerindian populations in both North and South America died of diseases carried by the post-Colombia Europeans.

    Natural Selection.

  8. The truth is that these AshkeNAZI Khazarian so-called ‘jews’ are no more descendants of the Israelites than cockroaches (which I hold in higher esteem, btw) are. They play the anti-semitism card profusely and repeatedly, while they themselves are anti EVERY OTHER RACE AND/OR ETHNICITY THEMSELVES.

    Their Satanic Talmud gives every decent human being on this planet all the reason we need to hate them unequivocably. They are sub-human trash fit only for total annihilation.

    The sooner, the better.

    1. Indeed, how is it possible to study the history, philosophy and deeds of the Ashkenazi and NOT despise them? Just today I have learned that in 1933, it was they who declared war on Germany and started WW II, and .not the other way around.

  9. anti-GENTILISM is the cause of so-called antisemitism. Prehistoric Non-Jews did not sit around campfires and say “We HATE JEWS, We have never seen a Jew, They do not even exist yet, but We HATE THEM” and then wait thousands of years for a Jew to come along just so they could pick on him. Jews codified anti-GENTILISM into their Zenophobic Tribalism, and have been creating enemies by their rabid hatred of all “GOYIM”(NON-Jews) ever since. There was never such a thing as “antisemitism” until rabid hate filled Jews came along and CAUSED IT.

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