Protection needed to keep Ebola in check

I am retired as a fire captain and worked at NASA as a fire protection specialist. I have to say I have been talking about Level 4 suits for people with diseases of which there are no cure. NO CITY has taken precautions. Here are my thoughts and opinion. Hope some people listen.


  1. Level 6 Hospital, the same like in the movie Andromeda Strain: labs, patient areas, all recycle systems which are not able to mix with anything outside of the hospital, from sewage to HVAC systems. BUILD LIVING QUARTERS FOR STAFF SINCE EBOLA HAS A 21 DAY PERIOD. NO ONE LEAVES THE FACILITY AND LIVES IN THE HOSPITAL.
  2. All people in the hospital wears a level 4 suit, no exceptions.
  3. Too many yes people today which started 15 years ago and common sense was left at the door. No one uses common sense anymore. They can’t think for themselves and they make mistakes.
  4. Isolation systems have to be built. Hospitals with level 6 protection should be built to withstand all elements from hurricanes and tornadoes.
  5. Any homes and cars used by patients when they contact the disease need to be totally sterilized and everything worn or touched in homes should be sealed and burned at special burn areas built to flash burn infectious materials.
  6. Ambulances need to be built for level 6 transportation, everything inside sealed from exposure of Ebola residue.
  7. UV light systems built to disinfect areas in level 6 hospitals.
  8. If patients are sick, vomit needs to be cleaned and sterilized immediately, not waiting for days to clean like in Dallas. Level 4 suits need to be worn. We saw the way the sidewalk was cleaned in Dallas and people walking through the contamination.
  9. NO ONE enters a living facility house, apartment or space without level 4 protection.
  10. In hospitals, special shower systems need to be built to decontaminate level 4 suits and people, if need be.

Stop all exposures from flights from overseas and especially from infected countries. IT SAVES PEOPLE’S lives, who cares about the money they lose over there?

8 thoughts on “Protection needed to keep Ebola in check

  1. Did you know 1 million Americans died from: obesity/alcolhol/suicide last year?

    ZERO died from Ebola contracted in the U.S.

    I guess the media is REAL POWERFUL to get us all hyped up about certain things, and ignore more important things. 40,000 Americans committed suicide last year. that’s 40,000 to 0 just with suicide.

  2. I’m sure the Ebola defenses suggested by the author are very effective, but there are two problems:
    1. Ebola isn’t here, so there’s no sense in spending a dime protecting anything from it.
    2. When it is here, the Zionists won’t WANT to protect anyone from it.

    Take your own precautions, and stay the hell away from the medical community. (or medical-industrial complex, if you prefer)

  3. From merely some shmo on the net I have sensed a large disconnect:

    ebola only in 3 african nations after how long? hmm
    w/in a month it has been reported in multiple non african nations and several states w/in the US. hmm

    nurse in full top of the line tech bio suit contract ebola yet workers in the 3 african nations wear, at best, a cotton type surgical mask. The cleaners and other supportes get the same or less. hmm

    usurper refuses to close borders or limit iar travel from the 3 african nation, minimal outcry from others in Gov. hmm

  4. Once again, THERE IS NO EBOLA in DALLAS!!! IT’S ALL A HOAX!!!

    Ebola, Ebola, Ebola. All I hear is Ebola. It’s ridiculous!

    I’m at the dealership getting my car maintained and they have the news on talking about Ebola. I look at the people in the waiting lounge and ask them out loud if anyone believes this crap anymore. Some of them look down, ignoring me, others kinda smirk, while the rest watch in interest. I went to a restaurant yesterday that had CNN playing on their TV with all the Ebola information you can eat non-stop with anything and everything about Ebola. I also go to a restaurant twice a week that is located two exits away from that Dallas hospital and I work 15 minutes away from the hospital as well and deal with hundreds, if not thousands of customers in that area every day and I am perfectly HEALTHY!! There are no contagious people. There are no sick people.

    No one believes this Ebola crap anymore. It’s a big joke. Even customers at work joke about it. It’s bullshit. There are no quarantines, no sick people, no hazmat people, no increased police presence, NOTHING!!

    I’m ashamed to be living in a city with politicians and assholes like Judge Clay Jenkins and Rick Perry that are perpetrating it all!

    Whatever the MSM says, it’s all a Hollywood production. I have visited the incident in Frisco (which the patient turned out to be negative for Ebola, obviously) and no one was wearing protection. Not the police, not the reporters, NO ONE. Only two people in Hazmat suits. It was all a show. Same thing with the other reported incidents in Dallas. If it was so contagious, why were they not wearing protection? Why is everyone else unaffected? It’s because it is NOT REAL!

    It’s ALL BULLSHIT!!! THERE IS NO EBOLA!! It’s all a show! I cannot stress that enough. Spread the word! It’s a HOAX!!!

    1. Perfect time for them to roll out the REAL(tm) virus.
      Get everyone scared and as soon as they all stop listening BOOM.

      It most assuredly wont be ebola. It will be jewsteria. Its like listeria except it cost way more money and destroys your values, from the inside out. If you try to treat it, you will be labeled an anti-Semitic.

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