Protesters chain themselves to stop deportations in Arizona

Two immigrant-rights protesters take part in an Oct. 14 demonstration in front of a detention facility in Eloy, Ariz., to try to block federal authorities from being able to deport the illegal immigrants being held there. (Courtesy of Times – by Stephen Dinan

Immigrant-rights protesters have chained themselves in front of an detention facility in Eloy, Ariz., and planned to blockade the main federal immigration office in Phoenix later Monday, hoping to stop anyone from being deported.

The moves are the latest act of civil disobedience from activists who are demanding the Obama administration halt all deportations. Among the protesters were illegal immigrants.  

“Undocumented — unafraid,” the protesters chanted as they blocked the road at the facility Monday morning, which is southeast of Phoenix and is one of the busiest detention locations in the country.

The protesters aired their action in a webcast.

While activists have demanded action from Republicans in Congress, they are increasingly critical of President Obama over his record of deportations. Under his watch, immigration authorities have set records by deporting about 400,000 immigrants a year.

One of the protesters, 16-year-old Sandy Estrada, said in a statement that she was demonstrating on behalf of her brother, who has been detained in Eloy for nearly a year.

“I’m doing this to show my brother and all the other people inside that we support them, and we will do what it takes to get them out,” she said.

On Friday, protesters in Tucson halted Operation Streamline, a program that convicts illegal immigrants and gives them jail time before deporting them, hoping it will be a deterrent to trying to cross illegally.

The activists argue that those being held and deported have often committed no major crimes and should qualify for Mr. Obama’s non-deportation policies. Under those policies, the federal government has said it wants to focus its efforts on immigrants major criminal records or repeat-immigration law violators.

Arizona, with its strict immigration laws, has been a focus of the activists’ ire.

The Eloy facility is privately owned and has a contract with the government to hold immigrants awaiting deportation.

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6 thoughts on “Protesters chain themselves to stop deportations in Arizona

  1. Let me get this straight, we the people protest and we get police abuse. These law breakers chain themselves together and they get away with it? There is something wrong with this picture!

  2. Deport all of them or turn in your resignation. The anger of the people will be visited upon the corrupt weasels in suits very soon. And if you would like to avoid it, stop breaking our laws, do your damn job, now.

  3. “Undocumented – Unafraid”??? If Jan Brewer will give me the word…I can be there in an hour and take care this problem. And those bastards will be afraid about 2 minutes after I get there.

  4. These illegal immigrants chained themselves?

    Hahaha! Man, since they are already chained, they are literally making it so much easier for police to round them up and deport their sorry asses.

    What are they thinking? Not only are they illegal immigrants, but they are completely STUPID and RETARDED illegal immigrants.

    I can’t believe they have the balls to do this. YOU ARE ILLEGAL, YOU STUPID F**KS!!! Do this in China. I dare ya! Just try! Oh yea that’s right, you know you’d get your ass shot in the head. Do it in the Middle East. Do it in North Korea or Russia. Oh yea, you wouldn’t come out alive. Why don’t you just go Guatemala or Costa Rica or Ecquador? Oh yea, they’ll kill you! So you think America owes you a living. You’re pathetic. Go back to your pueblos. No one wants you.

  5. This is why they’ll never make more than minimum wage and stay packed 20 to a one bedroom apartment.

    Stupid people inarguably make the best slaves.

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