PSE Tactical Assault Crossbows TAC15, TAC10, TAC15i, & TAC10i

Uploaded on Dec 22, 2009 by PSEVIDEO

PSE presents the all new TAC Series. In response to many of your comments here on YouTube, we’ve updated the TAC 15 and decided to add 3 similar crossbows that should answer 90% of what you were asking for after seeing the old design. Also, we remade the video in HD. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “PSE Tactical Assault Crossbows TAC15, TAC10, TAC15i, & TAC10i

    1. $1300.00. Perty damned expensive sounds to me. We all could make a powerful crossbow out of some leaf spring that would measure up to any $1300.00 crossbow.

    2. Exactly what I said, Bullwinkle.

      Although crossbows make an excellent first strike silent weapon, for that kind of money you can still get a decent .308 semi, or some other type of firearm, AND some ammo to go with it.

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