QE3 for You and Me

Gas here where I live in southern Oregon is now up to $4.20 per gallon.  The explanation being given from the propagandists is of course the hurricane Isaac and the burning down of a refinery.  All the petroleum produced here in the United States is being exported and what we are seeing with these gas prices is nothing more than a further assertion of the power of the corporate aristocracy.

If you look at the mainstream propaganda machine you can plainly see that the elite are no longer attempting to fool us, now that they have declared themselves the aristocracy.  When you hear the messages coming from the so called media, they are nothing more than the elite speaking to their own.

Following this fraudulent election we are to be starved of resources as our own raw resources continue to flow from our country like water through a breached dam.

Home heating oil will be going up.  Why?  Because the elite say so.  They no longer have to make excuses to those they have declared to be their domestic slave property.

The price of electricity will continue to climb as more coal plants in the United State are shut down and are reopened in China, turning on the spigot for our coal, like the rest of our resources, to be pumped out of our country.

Diesel fuel prices will continue to rise, causing inflated prices for transportation for everything we need to exist, including transportation for us as jet fuel is another petroleum product.

There is an underlying reason that all of this is going to occur.  But it cannot be spoken as QE3 must be presented as a good thing.  A trillion more dollars will be printed, causing those dollars in our pockets to lose another 30% of their value right out the gate.  And then when we go to spend those dollars, the merchandise we purchase is going to cost 30% more, because the transportation prices will rise, because the petroleum prices will rise, because the crude oil will rise, because it is traded in dollars which will have been devalued by 30% through the implementation of QE3.

The money that will be printed will be handed over to the banksters, interest free.  The banksters will then put the money into the stock market in the form of buying up foreign oil futures, thus more wealth will be pumped out of our country and into their foreign accounts.  But we will see a strong stock market as our country is further destroyed and this is all that is important.

This would be laughable if it wasn’t the absolute truth.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

6 thoughts on “QE3 for You and Me

  1. Actually, QE3 should be the final act of destruction of the American economy. The simple fact that the inflationary affect will wipe out the 99% and probably generate civil war and or mass insanity. We see the signs all around, mass suicides in the population, record suicide in the Armed Forces, Police out of control, half the working age population unable to support themselves and drugs everywhere in our food, doctors prescriptions and the black market, marriages failing and domestic violence. All for profits of the the rich, as planned by central planning (Federal Reserve Banking system).
    Things that are booming? The Black market, infux of foreign takeovers, and the 1% making record profits.

  2. Henry,
    You’ve described our situation in a short, direct post. I’m a retiree, and my benefit amount doesn’t need to be cut for my downward spiral into poverty to continue. Same for everyone who isn’t a member of the elite. The shills for the elite seem to take delight in rubbing our noses in THEIR sh*t. Thanks for telling it like it is. Be well, Rob

  3. Oh no there will never be a QE3, that’s what I was told by a brain dead U.S economist I per chance meat while he was on vacation. Such as was the case with the now sovereignless banana republic of Greece, so it will go for the United States of Hypocrisy.

    Especially now that Romney “the Liquidator” has a chance of winning the presidential race, that is if Obama “the Omaminator” doesn’t pull a falls flag terrorist attack out of his presidential hat calling for Marshall law and suspending the 2012 presidential election.

    Does it really matter? As far as I’m concern the United States of Hypocrisy is done for. the only real question remaining is; whit whom will the United States of Hypocrisy pick a fight with? Russia or China or both?

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