5 thoughts on “Radar Playback of the Moment Malaysia Flight 370 Vanished!

  1. Two guys on board with stolen passports; I doubt that is a coincidence. They will take down whole planes to kill just one person they want to get rid of. Perhaps the two guys were running.

  2. How could a plane just vanish from the radar so quickly? If it was blown up, there would be plane pieces and body parts … right? So I guess the entire plane did a nose dive into the drink? And the whole entire plane complete with passengers in their seats will be found by divers later on … right? How would the two passengers with stolen passports get into a locked cockpit?

    What a strange story.
    . . .

  3. I’m trying to figure out WHY the narrator thinks the other plane, which is flying quickly southeast of the flight that disappeared, is suspect. How are these two planes related in this crash?

    If these two people were able to board with stolen passports, then perhaps they were able to bypass the security checkpoint, like the shoe bomber did. I suppose we shall have to wait for more info before jumping to conclusions.

    Like Tom said above, the first thing to investigate is the passenger manifest.

  4. Excerpt from a forum:

    Below are chronology of the events reported by mainstream media and my conspiracy theory.

    12.41am: Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 takes off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). The Boeing 777-200 was ferrying 239 people on board, including two infants and 12 crew members.
    Theory: Which includes 2-4 false impostors probably Uyghur extremists. For this to happen, you first must understand how inefficient our customs are. There’s been few occasions, that my hand luggage didn’t even needs to go through the X-ray scanner.

    1.30am: MH370 signal suddenly disappears from Department of Civil Aviation radar. The aircraft did not enter airspace controlled by China and did not make contact with Chinese controllers. The flight was scheduled to arrive in Beijing at 6.40am.
    Theory: The plane was hijacked approximately 45 minutes after it took off, and the pilots tried their best to fight back and thus the turning back was evident in the flight path recording that later surfaced from the investigation. They even tried to release the aeroplane fuel hoping to leave some traces. After the cockpit was succesfully hijacked, the perpetrators then switched off the transponders thus the FlightRadar24 only shows the signal up to 45 minutes into the flight. The reason that the transponders were intentionally switched off was to avoid being detected too early and they might risk their mission.

    2.41 am – Malaysian air traffic control in Subang lost contact with the plane, some two hours after it left Kuala Lumpur.
    Theory: This may be the terrorists attempt to inform the ground crews in Subang Control Tower that the airliner has been hijacked. They then explain that this is a matter between Uyghur people and the Chinese government. And that they will not harm a single soul that is onboard of that plane unless the Communist party fails to come into terms with them. The Subang control tower crews then escalated such event to the Prime Ministers’ office. Najib the PM of Malaysia, then immediately inform the Chinese government. The Chinese officials then advised that this matter will be taken care of by China and this news should not be released to the public, in return, China will provide future investments into Malaysia(a debt stricken country) and full support to its way beyong corrupted current ruling regime and in the country. Najib and the administration, quickly works together with MAS(also a debt ridden company which have been making huge losses in the recent years) airliner’s top executives to contain the incident by wiping out all evidence that could lead to the suspicion of the plane has been hijacked e.g. any calls or communication that was recorded.

    Theory: By around 3am or so, the hijackers knowingly that the fuel could only last for another 3-4 hours(to reserve the fuel for an escape if necessary), they then made the attempt to land the plane in Nanning province.
    The negotiation then took place at Nanning airport and it lasted for about 2-3 hours. Knowing the Chinese government will never gives in to any terrorist demands, the negotiation fails and the bomb exploded killing most of the passengers and crews. The Chinese officials then starts to do the cleaning up work which may includes ending the lives of any survivors so that the incident could be contained and made sure no one speaks of it latter. As such handling of terrorist negotiation, would only deemed China as a non-humanitarian and tarnish their image globally. Somehow somewhere, that there was local people around Nanning that witness the landing of the plane and the rumors got leaked.

    7.24 am – MAS announced it had lost contact with the flight.
    Theory: After the cleaning up work was done, China officials informed the Malaysian government, and thus only at this hour the MAS made such media announcement.

    10.15am: Report of flight MH370 making an emergency landing in Nanning, China, was confirmed to be false.
    Theory: However, this report was quickly brushed away by controlled media of both sides in China and Malaysia. No reports, interviews or even testimonials were being investigated either til now that only make this rumor spells “suspicious”. And it is very unlikely that airport control tower crews could make such mistake at such important juncture on falsely identifying a plane such of this size.

    Assumption: Both Malaysian and Chinese governments are unmistakably capable of carrying such atrocities. Also the fact that, Malaysia is almost broke and the current ruling regime is barely hanging onto power. And almost anybody in the government can be bought by $$$.

    Smoking gun: There is just too many things both the Malaysian government and the MAS airliner spokespersons are trying to hide. This is so obvious when you see how they release the public statements. The only information they are releasing once at a time are the information that is almost already publicly available. However, all these are just theories, as I felt something is really suspicious on how they could so quickly brush away the rumor without disclosing any information from investigation that states the landing at Nanning did not take place.

    How to know if this theory is true: The wreckage will not be fully recovered only pieces of metal and bodies that were later dumped into the sea after the cleaning up. Also, the black box will never be discovered. And in months to come, Malaysia will suddenly be awarded large deals of investments from China such like the agreement to purchase palm oil from Malaysia that was already canceled by the previous Chinese president Hu Jin Tao last year.

    Disclaimer: This only represent a theory and I do not wish to offend anyone especially any friends or family of the victims. I’m just merely producing a possibility from what my logical mind can think of after having studied my country’s politics and the events in general.

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