11 thoughts on “Rage Against The Machine – Darkness Of Greed

  1. These communo-fascist dick turds always complain about white people and the govt.
    But they are always first in line for a govt. tax funded hand out.
    First to comply with mask and fake vax. I hope it kills everyone of them.
    This capitalist funded communism is laughable.
    Self proclaimed communist that has made millions from capitalism is the height of hypocrisy .
    Skin, Burn, Hang.
    The end.

    1. I was unaware of the concert situation ..
      I almost asked Henry and Laura to unpost this because I don’t agree with every thing but they were a band that lead me down a path that eventually brought me to the trenches. I like their sound and they have always been music I’ve listened to. Obviously in this particular song they do blame the “white dream” but I find the reference to “cramming this culture down our throats” something I can relate to. I don’t like what the people in so called society want me to accept. That to be more accurate is the “Jewish dream”. Don’t know what their stance is on the bill of rights is but with the double jab info that Galen pointed out I will assume they have no respect for it, and that’s what matters to we here. I will not send anymore rage music to this site. My musical enjoyment has grown with posts by people here and Henry’s selection he has posted.

      1. Tim, thanks, and you’re not the only one that certain factions of Rock’n’Roll have betrayed. Mammon is the deceiver.


      2. I always loved Rage when I was young. I was disappointed when I got older and realized they were Communists.

        Imagine going to a Rage Against the Machine concert, showing your vaccine passport to get in the door, and then during the show shouting, “F*ck you, I won’t do what you tell me!”

        Oh the irony.

        1. Ohhh, it’s palpable! Definitely some good grooves from them despite their direction. I am a lyrics guy myself, but I am ok with redirecting their lyrics inside my head to motivate me. Same with henry rollins. He’s a dbag extraordinaire, and not nearly as smart as he thinks he is, but such is life. “shine” from rollins gets me going lyrically but I know his page is diametrically opposed to mine. You and Hal get it.

          1. Yep, same thing with Queensryche. I used to love them so much when I was about 8 years old. I still do, even though now that I’m older and dont really agree with the lyrics.. Hell, I even have their logo tattooed on my arm. I still wear my Ryche shirts.

            Geoff Tate, along with Rob Halford are two of my favorite metal singers from that Era, despite the fact that Rob is a pole smoker, and Geoff is one of those “left wingers”. “Empire” is still one of my favorite albums of all time, yet the song “Empire” is all about worshipping the police. And “Resistance” is all about climate change. I still love them nonetheless.


  2. As Paco has already said, these filthy communist scumbags profit greatly by fooling gullible, impressionable youth out of their hard-earned cash. Typical lying hypocritical commies fleece the masses while preaching their “workers unite” garbage. These words come immediately to mind “HANGING IN THE NAME OF…!!!” They’ll get their day like every other well-known commie sh*tbag & only the purebloods WITHOUT the mRNA poison in their systems will be able to watch them swing on one of their own stages! Anyone over the age of 18 still listening to this filth should probably learn up fast or join them!

  3. No offense intended towards you at all, Tim
    They got some kicking grooves.
    I was disappointed when I found out the members beliefs.
    Same with Judas Priest.
    When I found out Halford is a peter puffer, I was bummed.

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