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Fox News has dropped its legal analyst Andrew Napolitano after a male producer accused him of sexually harassing him.

John Fawcett, who works on the Kudlow show hosted by Larry Kudlow on Fox Business Network, is suing the network claiming he was sexually harassed by Napolitano who he claims stroked his arm and made suggestive comments while they were on an elevator together. Continue reading “Fox News drops analyst Andrew Napolitano after producer, 27, accused him of stroking his arm while making sexually suggestive comments in an elevator and accused Larry Kudlow of racial slurs”

Yesterday I saw this being hauled through my town. This happened about 4 pm 3/10/21 . I only saw this going by my house I don’t think it’s news worthy. I’m just making this known.

Maybe other people are reporting seeing activity by the ATF? I’m just reporting what I saw. Maybe more is going on and this is just a piece of the puzzle.

The truck was an operations headquarter style truck.

Open Democracy

Journalists, activists and workers struggling to follow strict lockdown rules have been harassed, arrested and even killed across the world this week, as governments use the coronavirus crisis to roll back democracy and crack down on dissidents. Continue reading “Journalists and dissidents arrested in COVID crackdowns”