Ranchers Under 24-Hour Surveillance…for What??

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Rancher John Ladd used to cooperate with the Border Patrol, but he and other ranchers are fed up with Border Patrol agents patrolling their land at will, cutting through fences, and even running over valuable cattle.

John Ladd speaking : I’m tired of putting up with the federal government and border patrol and anybody else that thinks that they have the right to come on to my ranch and do whatever they want. That’s the bottom line.
I’m a native of Arizona and I was born and raised in Bisbee on this ranch. I’m fourth generation, my boys are fifth, and I got a grandson that’s sixth. When I was a kid, we’d help each other go and cross the border and everything, and then border patrol showed up in the late ’80s and ’90s, and all off a sudden you can’t do that anymore.
The border, it wasn’t a big deal to me, but not it is. It dominates my livelihood and my life, because I deal with it every day and most of its border patrol that I deal with. We’re going to Naco Arizona to get unto the border. Our property starts about a quarter of a mile west of Naco. I’ll take you and show you the wall that we have. There’s the first camera right now. We’ve got $40 million worth of infrastructure on our ranch and the tenant half mile of the border.
They monitor my movements every day. I’m questioned daily about what I’m doing. They call me, “Are you down here?” “Are you doing this” “What truck are you in?” That’s none of your business. I’m working my ranch.
That’s for border patrol. This gate border patrol has access to it, I just tied it back up, because I have hay strong holding the gate up and then it’s locked, and they just cut the hay strong. They have no idea of what the value of having a fence and a gate is. The liability that I have if the cow gets on the highway and somebody runs over, you’re going to kill the person killed the cow. They don’t care. This is my gate. This is my domain, my fence, and it’s an obstacle for them.
They have completely ignored what this country was based on, and that’s private property and human rights of being in America. Up until about eight years ago, I didn’t have a fence in the back, and then when my dogs started going after border patrol agents and they told me they were going to shoot them if they act aggressive to them. These dogs are our security system, so I built a fence. That’s what the mentality down here is that I can’t even let my dogs run wild.
They have 450 agents here. That’s not enough up here, so then the immigration bill comes around. We’re going to hire 20,000 more. We don’t need them. 10 years ago, I felt that if I let them do whatever they needed to do, we would solve their problem. That was 10 years ago, and it hasn’t change a bit.
Slide Says: Let’s hold the Border Patrol accountable.

2 thoughts on “Ranchers Under 24-Hour Surveillance…for What??

  1. Ten miles square; that’s all the fed gov is entitled to and the land the states
    ceded for forts. They’re nothing but greedy land thieves and should
    be punished to the fullest extent of the states laws, not federal; it’s rigged
    to always side with the fed gov.

  2. “They have completely ignored what this country was based on, and that’s private property and human rights of being in America.”

    Like they own the place.

    We’ll see.

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