14 thoughts on “Rand Paul Tries to Have Abby Martin Fired From RT For Daring To Ask Him Questions

  1. Another watered down excuse as a patriot. All these bastards are bought out. Sellout pampas bitches you all are……pretending you stand for us. We’ll have our justice soon.

  2. Yes Steve, the “big boys” are getting very nervous as their ranks of “flag waving morons” are thinning at an exponential rate as more Americans are awakened. They know that soon the “gig” is up and they better “head for the hills”. Right now, I believe the majority of them are working on their “exit strategy”. As “snagglepuss” would say, “Exit, stage left!”

  3. Hey Millard,Yea buddy I would not want abbey on my bad side,I dont know if you watch RT but she is one smart well spoken woman,I agree with most of her hardline truthfull stance’s, except her if it feels good do it liberal views but hey no ones perfect but she is a freedom luvin girl for sure.
    Now the important part that piece of traitorous filth spawned by ron(why dont you file treason charges you are a fkn congressman?) Paul and as for rand ,what a cowardly spineless whiney little nothing of a man.TATTLEING ON A GIRL fk you rand paul ,glad your true colors didnt take 30 years of doing nothing to show up like dad.

    1. Hey Steve, I’m a big fan of Abby’s and I believe she was in the comment section of FTTWR a couple weeks ago. I can’t remember what article she was commenting on but I did welcome “Abby” to “The Trenches” even if it wasn’t the “Abby” I believe it was. I know it wasn’t Abby Normal lol :).

      1. Hey Millard,That would be so cool as I have been wanting to have a chat with this pistol of a woman,I really like her too.
        Hey abbey If you are in there on the trenches,BITCH SLAP that little panty waist momma’s boy next time & sell the video, making bail money and a nice profit Im sure. ANd darlin you are too damn cute to have that silly cross cut lopsided hair, be the natural beauty you are (just my MANS opinion,dont be offended) I know they call that mess “style” but thats way over rated as God didnt make any mistakes.I understand as you will too as you reach my age that a Womans beauty comes from within.Keep up the great job.

        1. Geez Steve, let us know how you really feel. lol. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong Steve as I believe there could be some very stimulating conversations on a number of topics as Abby appears to be very well educated in world affairs, politics, and the corruption behind both. Abby, If your listening, please chime in.

          1. Her hair drives me nucken futz Millard, and I thought she might remedy the distraction if I brought it to her attention,but Im probably just flashing back to the days when I had a story to tell them girls LOL I have this defect where I can see a picture hanging crooked across the room and am constantly leveling wall hangings. I need help I know but if this is a lovable guys only fault ha ha

          2. Hahaha! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was annoyed with her crooked haircut. Otherwise, Abbey is so damn cute.

            By the way, I discovered her before you did, so take a number and get in line. lol

          3. Hey Nc Her brain is all that holds my interest other than that shes all yours, I would marry my wife of 20 yrs again today(how lucky am I)besides she would hurt my old ass and your closer to her age so unless someone else has “dibs on the mountain guide”(journey to the center of the earth ) she’s all yours,just let her know LOL.

  4. WOW! All these comments gave me a warm fuzzy! That doesn’t happen often. Thanks for a smile Apple ol buddy!

    1. Hey Rhums Glad to be there for ya I think LOL What do you think about this benedict rand prik,we here at the site had this putz pegged many moons ago and now abbies got the whiney sh#t with his panties in a bunch I think she can take him and hopes she wholeheartedly pursues this villain.

    1. Now Ya done got me started again Millard (I hope your happy with yourself) Abbey YOUR HAIR IS TOO DAMN SHORT Let it grow and put it in a long swishing ponytail like a young un ought to have anyway.Hey Millard this is the one and only subject my wifey and I ever argue(slightly) over her hair yea its hers but I get to look at it,Happy with every NATURAL thing about my wife if she would just leave it alone.

      1. I’ll leave it alone Steve and I’m calling it a night. One more day being a slave before they let us slaves have a day off to celebrate our independence from tyranny. It’s not even funny anymore. G’night Steve, Rhums, NC, and digger.

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