Ray Price – Funny How Time Slips Away

Published on Sep 2, 2013 by Tsukikage726

from the album “THE OTHER WOMAN” (1965)
Produced by Don Law & Frank Jones
Grady Martin – guitar
Grady Martin – rh.guitar
Harold Bradley – bass guitar
Buddy Emmons – steel
Joe Zinkan – bass
Buddy Harman – drums
Tommy Jackson – fiddle
Floyd Cramer – piano

22 thoughts on “Ray Price – Funny How Time Slips Away

  1. also I ask to be aware of and that’s this
    Henry stated in his own words oh suppose it was many months ago, that his efforts and this web site was not a business! He considered it a movement.
    In so accomplishing that movement….music belongs….
    Of course it does….and he I believe, will say as much,….
    bless this web site……….
    who the hell on the entire internet is like this?
    God sakes I am nearly overcome by wonderment…..
    There just are not sites like this one……….
    You and I, the comers here often, owe, this site its due……..
    My Thanks Henry and especially your wife, and rest of staff…

    1. here here rbeason. I consider it an honor to be a small part of this truly unique place. For years I searched for a place where people of like mind as me could go to share their knowledge, and fellowship. The collective knowledge and insight on this site is unsurpassed. In the short time I have been active hear I have developed a love for a number of trenchers here, and I am confident that number will grow as time goes by. The people here are REAL.

      1. thats what i think also Paul
        and myself only been here for some months less than a year…
        if my comment was somewhat confrontational, I had no intent of that……..
        so don’t know what it is you mean by…here,here, to me
        gracious sakes, my words did not say of any person nor their thoughts…near as I can tell…
        probably I am missing something here””””””

        1. im sorry rbeason, here here to me means yes yes i agree wholeheartedly. Maybe i should not use that phrase, as i don’t want to cause any problems in that respect. thanks for calling me on that. 🙂

          1. aw hey Angel thank you for the spelling correction. in the back of my mind I was wondering if the spelling was correct. I am one of those phonetic spellers. 🙂

          1. gracious sakes…that is a new phrase on me…sorry…paul
            Actually, my thoughts were not ……go get someone….
            The side of error is on me…
            Hearts are what matter and that I doubt is of much difference between the both of us………..
            my best

        2. I think that was a compliment to ya rbeason when Paul said hear hear. 😉
          I have been here for a long long time but it seems like only yesterday that I found this site. Geeze, time goes by too fast when I am here.

          1. I know you are correct………
            Twas a complement…to me…
            many thanks and have to listen to the song suggested by AngelNYC…..am always welcoming songs suggested via any who come to this site, and especialy those who come here often…

          2. @ 4:32 Angel. Aw yes Angel. I still remember when I gave you and NC all that uncalled for bs, I am still feelin` guilty about that one, man was I a class A jerk to you guys. Remember that. I was really out of line back then but ya all had the patience of a saint with me. Thanks guys. I love it here and cannot even imagine going to another site except for articles.

      1. HI Paul
        Here is who I am.
        Robert Beason Billings Montana 59102\
        Vietnam Army Vet, draftee, in country 1969…US56639487….I am living in Billings Mont. my home state…a grad of the UofM, Missoula Mont 1967
        Who are You?

        1. hah just a Midwestern guy born in 1944, and trying to keep my head above water, and ready to take this country back. Welcome to the trenches sir. 🙂

          1. no need to welcome me
            Odd thing of this internet…don’t you think? People appreciate being recognized but then when it comes to truth or honesty then shrink….of themselves!!!!….so you’re not the first…
            You said nothing of yourself….
            tells me a lot…
            want to change that ….
            here I am…..

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