Recall of Colorado gun controller gets enough signatures

The Daily Caller – by Greg Campbell

Three other Democrats were targeted for recall, but only one campaign met the signature threshold. Sen. Angela Giron is waiting for the Gessler’s office to finish counting and validating the signatures against her.

As senate president, Morse was one of the most high profile Democrats fighting for the passage of several strict gun control laws. He sponsored one of the most contentious bills, which would have made the owners, sellers and manufacturers of semiautomatic sporting rifles liable for damage the weapons may cause, but he ultimately spiked the bill when it became clear that even some Democrats wouldn’t vote for it.  

The effort against Morse has served as a proxy war between national interests on both sides of the gun debate. The recall election is likely to be even harder fought.

A Republican candidate hasn’t been named yet to challenge Morse, but the state GOP said it’s ready to fight for his seat.

“Today’s news is unprecedented, and serves as a necessary reminder to Gov. Hickenlooper and the radical Democrats in the state legislature that they must represent the people of this state, not their extreme special interests,” state GOP chairman Ryan Call said in a statement.

“The Colorado Republican Party is prepared to unite and mobilize behind a single Republican candidate that will be chosen by the people of El Paso County to defeat radical liberal John Morse in the recall election.”

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3 thoughts on “Recall of Colorado gun controller gets enough signatures

  1. After they get rid of this gun-grabbing democrat, she’ll be replaced by a gun-grabbing republican, and the idiots in TV-land will pat themselves on the back for their “success.”

    1. Damn, JR. We both think alike today. I was thinking the EXACT same thing.

      “A Republican candidate hasn’t been named yet to challenge Morse, but the state GOP said it’s ready to fight for his seat.”

      So how come they have to say that a Republican candidate hasn’t been named? Who cares about the Republicans. They are the same as the Democrats. They’re not going to help WE THE PEOPLE. Because Bush, Jr and Sr. destroyed our country so much already.

      Again, why are these two political parties still operating after all of their corruption? They should have went out of business long ago just like the bankers. If I did what they were doing, I would be hanged, castrated and if still alive, I would never be in business ever again.

      Why not an independent or third party candidate? How come we don’t hear about that? Why do we have to immediately imply or be forced to jump and grab someone from the other side using this fake left/right paradigm? And so now, if the Republican candidate gets recalled, then we have to jump over to the Democrats again?

      WTF!! It’s time to pick a damn third party or an independent. ENOUGH OF THIS TWO PARTY ONLY BULLSHIT!!! They are both controlled by the same master and share the same stupid brains. Wake up, sheeple!

      Unfortunately, it will never happened unless we force them out ourselves and that will only happen enforcing our 2nd Article right.

  2. Rriiiigghhtt, another recall, as if that makes a difference to the psychopathic scum that dictate how the voting machines will be programmed and rigged this time around.

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