12 thoughts on “Redneck Carpooling

  1. They appear to have exceeded the weight limit for a residential street.

    That’s a ‘fat’ ticket, if they get caught.

  2. They couldn’t have a redneck if they tried! In order to have one, first you must work. They kinda look like city sheeple.

  3. “Why are we fat?” ask the girl on the mwer deck.

    “I hope judge judy is on at the laundry mat!” says no calf muscles magee.

    That seat must be a hazmat site…

  4. Another example of; “The Strange But True”

    But seriously folks ….
    examples like these are becoming
    more and more prevalent these days.
    With the “fast food” and “indoor sports” of all kinds.
    The herd is getting bigger, and completely useless.
    What kind of a chance do you believe these folks, and
    others like them, would have when all H*ll breaks loose ?
    They’ll live 5 days, if that…or not much longer than 2 weeks.
    The American Republic is in a sad state of repair.
    “All the way ’round” …(pun intended)

  5. Mark has told us for years that lawnmower chassis make good transport vehicles for heavy loads.

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