2 thoughts on “Remembering Folk Legend & Activist Pete Seeger

  1. Sure, he might have written, and performed, nice
    “sounding” music….
    But the dude was pure commie …..
    With their ideology in mind, re-listen to the words
    of his music. Other, once loved groups, ie:
    Peter, Paul, and Mary are examples of this as well
    among others.
    Activist, left leaning, marxists …………………
    Once folks align the writers ideology to their music,
    things kinda change, don’t they.
    Many peoples views of these once loved performers
    become huge let downs and major disappointments.
    These performers are an excellent example of how
    the infiltration into our societal fabric occurred.

    1. Correct PARACLETE I was gonna mention that too but didn`t because I wasn`t sure but yes now I know that he was the one I was thinking of.
      Yea I remember a lot of his music back in the late 50`s early 60. Actually liked his songs ya know.

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