Report: Unbelievable! Obama Admin Blocks Off Highway Viewing Areas to Prevent Photos of Mt. Rushmore – 10/5/13

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How can anyone think these people should be running the country?

Not only is the Obama Administration barricading the World War II Memorial to keep 85-90 year old Veterans out, they are putting cones up on public highways to keep people from taking pictures of Mt. Rushmore during the Government Shutdown! So, blocking scenic viewing areas along a highway is necessary because of a Government Shutdown? If your goal is spite it is. Exactly what you expect a bunch of Chicago thugs to do.


7 thoughts on “Report: Unbelievable! Obama Admin Blocks Off Highway Viewing Areas to Prevent Photos of Mt. Rushmore – 10/5/13

  1. Remember folks it is all by design to anger you they want a confrontation and they are working over time to get it but remember this the one that fires first looses.

  2. Susan I agree, they do want us mad. I am at my limit with the whole federal gov scam. But I am waiting I know sooner or later one of the hotheads will overstep and send goons or some other lackey to fire off a few rounds. I believe in simple things, if someone shoots at me all bets are they cannot be allowed a second chance.
    As far as Obummer trying to make the shutdown painful, it makes me laugh and lately I could use a good laugh. These clowns are showing the whole world just how inept they all are. I find it embarrassing.
    But on the bright side more people are waking up to the thousands of corrupt undertakings of these psychopaths and tha has to be a good thing.

  3. Liked a comment I saw where I got this one:

    If they were to chisel Obummer’s face on Mt. Rushmore, the other four would leave.

  4. Let them show their hand for the nation to see.
    The khazar bastards and their little burnt puppet won’t get a
    rise out of me until they turn violent against the general public
    in a way that’s impossible to ignore, and impossible to forgive.


  5. Ummm hello they are already being violent against we the people! And if you don’t believe me and want to know for sure the next time you see a traffic stop of any kind take a while to stop and watch how they handle it and then see how they handle you for watching. And after you heal up from the encounter if you are not murdered come back and let us know about it.


  7. Yesterday I tuned into the Air Force, Navy game. They announced that it was not supposed to be played because of the Gov. shit down. Guess dear leader threw them a bone and allowed the game to go on! What a crock…..

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