REVEALED: Elliot Rodger Stabbed His 3 Special Needs Roommates To Death

splash-rodger-0525Pat Dollard

Excerpted from Hollywood Life: Elliot Rodger’s horrific massacre on May 23 began at his own home in Isla Vista when he stabbed his three roommates to death. Police have now identified the three men killed.

Police found three handguns and 400 rounds of unused ammunition in Elliot Rodger‘s BMW after he went on a killing spree in Isla Vista, California. However, before he went on a shooting spree he brutally stabbed his three roommates, young students at the University of California: Santa Barbara.  

On May 23, Elliot stabbed Cheng Yuan Hong, 20; George Chen, 19; and Weihan Wang, 20. They were all his roommates who were found dead with multiple stab wounds when police arrived.

The 22-year-0ld was living with them at the Independent Living Institute in Santa Barbara, according to CBS. According to the site, it “serves handicapped, developmentally delayed, and under-educated individuals in the areas of independent living, academics and vocational skills.” Keep reading


3 thoughts on “REVEALED: Elliot Rodger Stabbed His 3 Special Needs Roommates To Death

  1. The University of California has “special needs” students?

    Does this mean you can get a college degree if you’re retarded? That would explain a lot.

    1. I was wondering that and

      are there really retarded asians?
      “he licks the window but damn that kid can add”. lol

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