Revolution for Restitution – We Don’t Need No Civil War

Twenty-one states petitioning to secede from the Union and it would seem a lot of Americans are signing on.  We must be very careful as we do not want a civil war but rather a Revolution for Restitution.  We cannot allow our goal to be obscured by multiple factions.  If every petition gets the required signatures and is afterwards refused, we cannot form a new country.

I believe the correct course would be to submit our Declaration of Independence as originally written, except to the point of defining that which we are separating ourselves from, which will require an understanding of the international socialist insurgency into our country by all those who intend to enforce the Declaration.  Otherwise, we will end up infiltrated once again as the truth for the cause of our Revolution fades into the obscurity of history.

We cannot allow our patriotic movement to be morphed into a war con-con to institute a form of socialism acceptable to the mob.  We must maintain our individualism as in reality that is what this struggle is all about.  We must weigh every question and assertion against our Bill of Rights, leaving no avenue for collectivism to begin anew.

It is impossible to say just where this whole thing is heading, but any action that gets the ball rolling should be considered a positive.  The individual free sovereign nationals, being the driving force, must take measures to keep the cause pure at every juncture as we realize that there is no exception to the word “Inalienable”.

At some point as we close in on our victory, the deepest implanted of the Tories will try to put in place a clause that will allow the crowned heads of Europe an avenue to worm their way back in.  As soon as they are spotted, no matter what the cost, these traitors must be taken to task.

If we do this right it will be a long, long time before anyone again entertains the idea of enslaving our people.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

10 thoughts on “Revolution for Restitution – We Don’t Need No Civil War

  1. Very well put.

    But I think that we must define the differences between our new Republic and Obama’s America. It might begin with a more literalistic view of the 10th amendment.

  2. We might also want to push harder in making American’s, and the world for that matter, aware of the fraud debt based monetary system of the central banks cabal. We need to point out to the world what Iceland did by refusing to except the banker debt fraud, and them arresting bankers, and chasing them around the world to prosecute them.

    We have came a long way in just getting people to realize that the federal reserve is a private banking cabal. Now, we need to push for the movement to reject the idea that we owe this debt. We need to call to task any media outlet that tries to spread the propaganda that we owe this debt. Refuse and rebuke anyone who even suggest that the American people owe this debt.

    We also need to quit buying anything that is not made in the USA. We could take down Walmart so easy. We have two of them in my town and I have not been in them at all in years, except to get used 5gal food grade buckets from the deli. Nobody, talks about how many mom and pop shops that Walmart took out in their conquest of America and the world. They were only able to do it because we let them.

    This is war… let’s take out the big ones first!

  3. “Twenty-one states petitioning to secede from the Union and it would seem a lot of Americans are signing on. We must be very careful as we do not want a civil war but rather a Revolution for Restitution.”

    As I said last night in another related article, so many states signing a petition all at once all of a sudden and it being on the MSM, just seems to be throwing red flags somewhere. It seems to me that the elite want this to happen to throw our country into a civil war/martial law type scenario in order to break our union and to create their North American Union or something. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. First the marijuana laws in Washington and Colorado and now this. I am hopeful for a peaceful resolution to all of this, but I am very doubtful this will have a positive outcome for us American nationals.

  4. “We must be very careful as we do not want a civil war but rather a Revolution for Restitution.”

    Ideally, yes.

    The 1.8 billion rounds bought by the so-called ‘government’ paints a completely different picture, though.

    I’m fairly certain they have every intention of using them.

    1. “I’m fairly certain they have every intention of using them.”

      Not every American that has a Job enforcing law, is going to mow down friends and family that are on the other side line drawn by the higherups in the government. So mass amounts of them bullets are not going to be fired in the “right” direction so to write. Now I can’t talk bout the Boominidiot thugs, or others that are hired for low IQ and max egotrippin thoughtless thugnes. There are LEO’s that understand that when they have to maintain “Law and Order” that the new law they have to enforce with lethal force is a law undermining the Constitution. And as the people on this forum, they are Americans First. Cops second.

      btw, Adding those amounts to those stocked by the American population, and the right motivation to hit bulls eyes, one can defeat a very big army with just small arms.

      1. I never claimed they’d get the chance to use all, or even most of that ammo against us. I was merely alluding to the fact of their intent to use them.

        Ergo, any peaceful solution is definitely not in the cards.

  5. If there is even a hint of keeping the same banking cabal in place, then this is all bullshit. If there is going to be billionaires as leaders, then it is bullshit. If we are going to pay leaders ridiculous amounts of money then this is all bullshit. There is going to have to be a whole new way of taxation, or whatever you want to call it, formulated, so all will benefit fairly. Not just the leaders like today in the Senate and the House.

    Those birds are all crooks. I could go on and on..but I think you guys get the idea. Follow the Constitution to the tee and wipe out all of the amendments that have proven to benefit Goose Turd wearing asswipes only. Example being that Goose Turd wearing midget Mayor for New York City.

    Get rid of Citizens United …Even though it backfired this time for the Republicans. Not even money could influence the corruption this time around. Look how much that Goose Turd wearing crook Sheldon Adelson spent on Romneys presidential race, 53 million dollars, and how much return did he get on his investment? ZERO………..Not even funneling it through a shell corporation helped here, the man got burned, big time. So be it. Citizens United is still a dangerous thing to have laying around. Get rid of it.

    God Bless Ron Paul and all he stands for……

  6. Cannot form a new country? By whose authority? Sir, you apparently are not familiar with the ultimate law of the land. The gun has the last say, if they take our guns then by sword, if they take our swords then by knife. If by stone we earn our liberty , then so be it.

    1. Can not, will not, thus restoration. What would be the option to a Republic with an emphasis on freedoms and liberties?

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