ReWalk – Walk again: Argo’s Exoskeleton Technology

Published on Jan 7, 2014 by ReWalk by ARGO

Argo Medical Technologies mission is to fundamentally change the health and life experiences of individuals with spinal cord injuries.

The ReWalk™ is the result of this mission; it is a world-class walking system that will allow paraplegics to bring walking into their daily lives once again. Culminating over a decade of research and development, the ReWalk represents the first truly practical, real world, walking solution for persons with lower limb disabilities.

Argo founder Dr. Amit Goffer was inspired to develop the ReWalk exoskeleton unit because of his own personal story. Dr. Goffer is quadriplegic and he founded Argo in 2001. His goal was to develop a product that would enable persons with spinal cord injuries to walk again. Over the past decade, Argo has grown from a small research and development start-up based in Israel to an international company with headquarters in the US, Germany and Israel.

Argo has been working internationally with leading rehabilitation centers in testing and developing a rehabilitation model of the ReWalk. As a result of these efforts, Argo has been able to develop the ReWalk Personal, the next phase of exoskeleton technology designed exclusively for use in everyday life. Employing Argo’s proprietary technology, the ReWalk Personal is designed for everyday use. Launched in 2012, the ReWalk Personal is currently available throughout Europe. In the United States, the ReWalk rehabilitation is currently deployed in rehabilitation clinics and the ReWalk Personal is awaiting FDA clearance.

3 thoughts on “ReWalk – Walk again: Argo’s Exoskeleton Technology

  1. WOW how amazing and wonderful. I can relate to that somewhat I was in a wheelchair for 8 mos but it was temporary but a real bust. It didn’t fit through my bathroom door, I couldn’t get in my own bed to high with the new fuller mattresses so i had one of those inflatables. One might say well what was that problem, I’ll tell you. I couldn’t get out of it no leverage, push down on it and you arm goes down some. So I can really say this is the greatest invention since the Telephone.

    1. I’m so glad I posted this GrinNBarrett. It’s feels good to know there are people out there who can use this type of technology. I too have a friend who is a paraplegic and I sent him the information as well.

      I’ve been learning lately alot about the Black Budget Projects technology over the past few days. This technology is coming about due to money being funneled in from the illegal drug trade. The money is being used both for “good uses” and for “nefarious uses” which will eventually lead to a breakaway civilization … probably long beyond our life time. But they are working on it now.

      The money falls into a black hole (electronically) and cannot be traced. Then the money is doled out to various military industrial complexes and corporations such as Lockheed Martin.

      See my earlier post of an interview of Catherine Austin Fitts. She lays it out very well. She stumbled upon it quite by accident after a few things happened to her. She learned enough about it to know how to put the whole picture together.

      Or watch the Richard Dolan: Secret Space Program Conference in Amsterdam 2011 where he talks about the breakaway society that’s coming.

      And yes, it is definitely linked to ufology. Where do people think Lockheed Martin and others are getting this technology from?

      . . .

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