9 thoughts on “Richard Dreyfuss: No one is teaching The Bill of Rights

  1. No one is teaching The Bill of Rights?
    Well Mr. Rich Man, let me introduce you to the no ones, better known as Trenchers.
    You would not have heard of us or say so if you did, because people like you won’t come within a hundred miles of the jungle.
    And by the way, The Bill of Rights is not a moral compass, it is written ratified unalienable unchangeable law that will be used by the multitudes who have learned it and are learning it to hang the elite who would try to get us to believe we’ve had no effect when the effect is five hundred muddy elephants sitting on your lap.
    This is a way to ease into the subject that cannot be ignored and attempt to distort its meaning.
    It is absolute law, it belongs to we the people, and by God we’re going to enforce it. If you don’t believe it Mr. Rich Man, take a stroll over into the jungle where the majority of the people in this country live.

  2. A fake slap from a failed unpopular talmudvision event elicits a response about ratified law from a professional lying hollyweird kike wanting US to recognize uphold it?

  3. I beg to differ

    plenty here teaching and learning .. much thanks to Henry

    and the concern should be ..why isn’t this government following it ?
    and if they aren’t , why they aren’t all dead by now for treason ..now that’s the real question

  4. No one is teaching The Bill of Rights?!!!!!!!!! What happened, Richard, did you have A Close Encounter of The FOURTH kind and it took your mind away?!! Or maybe you’ve been up on that ship all these years and missed the tireless and dedicated teaching of The Bill of Rights at this very site. Please broaden your horizons and transcend your tribalism.


    1. His tribalism would prevent him from speaking about it. Henry could sit down in person with this moppet and he would claim this site and Henry don’t exist. The whole truth exposes the kabal and this ashke-NAZI is neck deep in it.

      1. I hate him pretending we don’t exist. He knows the grand opponents stand ready and he is attempting to shadow-ban us. He flunked and got the opposite. He is shamed and exposed and I’d even say he gave us much more visibility.


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