7 thoughts on “Riches and Poverty

    1. A friend of mine took that photo and sent it to me today. I thought the title that he gave it was perfect.
      Wanted to share it with y’all.
      Paul & Millard, Agreed. Ditto.

  1. They always want to say that there has been so many people falling into the wealthy category, Wonder how many working and non working poor have been created in that same time span? I’m talking about here in the USSA of course,land of the suppose to be free but aren’t!

  2. Oh thats just Todd. He has a bum hip and narcolepsy. He leaves the house each day dressed nice in a suit but after falling asleep 12 times a day in NYC he comes home wearing what others cover his naked sleeping body up with.

    Its his choice

    (I am being a smart ass)

  3. Theres a famous pre Weimar Germany Pic like this.
    A fat little jew stepping over a mother and her kids
    begging on the street to get into the theater.
    History does repeat itself.

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